High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Paul Krassner's Contributions to the Counterculture

Paul Krassner founded the underground press when he launched the Realist in 1958. He went on to found the Yippies and publish groundbreaking conspiracy research. Today, he writes a monthly column in High Times called "Brain Damage Control."

Galactic at the Cannabis Cup

"You Got To Change" performed by Galactic and sung by the incredible Theryl "HouseMan" deClouet (who left the band in 2004); this song was performed at the 13th High Times Cannabis Cup held in 2000. We sure hope Galactic makes it back to a future Cup (with or without the Hou...

311 at the Cannabis Cup

311 tore the roof off the Melkweg when they last played in 2001. We sure hope they come back again.

Slightly Stoopid - Mexico

Mexico/Doctor Doctor Live from the Silverback Fest Aug 28, 2005 with guest appearance from Half Pint

Artery coming back to the Cup?

Artery has performed at the High Times Cannabis Cup more times than any other band. This song was performed at the Melkweg at the 15th Cannabis Cup. We hope to see Yanko and the boys back at the 22nd Cup this Thanksgiving.

Ina May Gaskin enters the Counterculture Hall of Fame

Founder of the modern midwife movement, Ina May Gaskin runs one of the world's best birthing centers in Summertown, Tennessee. She was the first living person inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame, a ceremony that took place at the 13th Cannabis Cup in Ams...

The Beat Generation enters the Counterculture Hall of Fame

Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs were inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame in 1999. Paul Krassner, Robert Anton Wilson, Stephen and Ina May Gaskin, and Neal's wife, Carolyn, and son, John, participated.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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