High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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21st Cannabis Cup Nederhash Winners

Bobby Black announces the winners of the 21st High Times Cannabis Cup Nederhash awards, given to the coffeeshops with the best nederhash.

21st Cup Sativa Winners

The 21st High Times Sativa Cup winners were chosen by the High Times Cannabis Cup Band.

Kop Busters Catch Crooked Cops

A new reality TV show constructs a "fake" marijuana growroom in order to "bust" corrupt police officers in Odessa, TX. Kop Busters targeted Odessa to draw attention to a local woman they say was framed and falsely imprisoned for marijuana distribution.

Drone to Patrol Part of Border With Canada

Source: [link|http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/08/us/08drone.html?_r=2|nytimes.com]

Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana

Source: [link|http://www.alternet.org/drugreporter/110806/attacking_alzheimer%27s_with_red_wine_and_marijuana/|alternet.org]

75 Years Later Prohibition Still Doesn't Work

December 5th, 2008 marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of alcohol prohibition. In the interim, however, we've replaced alcohol with marijuana.



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