High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Students Protest Police over Marijuana Shooting

College students in Michigan, and across the country, have been loudly demonstrating against the near fatal shooting of Grand Valley State University undergrad Derek Copp, who was shot in the chest during a police raid that netted a “teaspoon full” of marijuana. ...

Bill Maher Takes on Obama's Pot Diss

America's loudest and proudest pothead, Bill Maher, reminds President Obama to treat cannabis consumers with respect. Salman Rushdie agrees. Mos Def suggests that Obama should have said: "I got some weed on me right now."

Obama Addresses Legalizing Marijuana During Town Hall Meeting

With the economy crumbling, the argument to legalize and tax the nation’s number one cash crop is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, during the first online White House town hall meeting, President Obama addressed the issue by flatly stating, “No, I donâ€...

DEA Raids a Cannabis Dispensary

A week after the Attorney General defended state-sanctioned medical marijuana, federal agents raid a cannabis collective in San Francisco. Angry protestors filled the street outside Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco on Wednesday, chanting “DEA: Go A...

DEA Wants Dumped Drug Investigation Money Back

A free-for-all erupted when suspects fleeing police dumped tens of thousands of dollars in cash out of their truck and onto the highway. Elated drivers stopped to collect fistfuls of jettisoned $20 and $100 bills. However, the DEA wants the money returned, or else…

Al Roker’s Marijuana Inc. Featuring Charles C. Lynch

This portion of Al Roker's Marijuana Inc. focuses on Charles Lynch – the former operator of Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers in Morro Bay, California, a city sanctioned medical marijuana dispensary. Convicted in 2008, Lynch is currently facing a federal prison s...

HIGH TIMES Presents: Money Saving Grow Tips!

Take a trip to the cutting edge of the marijuana scene in the May issue of HIGH TIMES. Visit Weeditopia to learn how to save money on water and electricity while growing the greatest, greenest ganja on Earth! Get an inside look at Oaksterdam University - America's only insti...



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