High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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4/20 in Boulder, Colorado

An enterprising young reporter turns his microphone into a “doobie” on 4/20 and gets the inside dope on one of the biggest national celebrations of the global high holiday. The Daily Camera man has a little lighthearted fun at the expense of the stoners gathered...

HIGH TIMES Creates 5/20

Now that 4//20 has become a globally recognized high holiday, known even to those who don’t indulge in Mary Jane, HIGH TIMES proposes that the true stoners among us start celebrating on 5/20 in secret. Think about it, pretty soon marijuana will be legalized and weâ...


The World Stoner Games consists of five events that will showcase stoner prowess in the areas of dexterity, smoking performance, creativity, concentration, and the drive to get high. Each entrant will compete in all 5 events. All events will be scored using a proven scoring ...

Live Greener - April 20th is 420 on G4

On 4/20, tune in to G4 for 'Attack of the Show Goes To Australia and Humboldt', 'Half-Baked' and the World Television Premiere of 'Super High Me'.

Mexican Ambassador Open to Marijuana Legalization

Appearing on Face the Nation, Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, called marijuana legalization “a debate the we have to take seriously” as a way of curbing the violent drug trade in his nation. At two minutes and twenty seconds into this Su...

HIGH TIMES Presents: 2009 Gear Guide

Turn the hard times into high times with our new 2009 Gear Guide! Featuring the best of HIGH TIMES product reviews and stash awards, this special collectors edition issue will teach you how to spend smart when investing in vaporizers, lights, nutrients, grow boxes, air filte...

Britney Flees Weed Smoke

The allegedly pungent smell of marijuana smoke in Vancouver’s GM Palace forced Britney Spears to postpone her concert last night for more than 30 minutes, at least that’s the rather lame explanation offered up after the fact by her management. Also, when Ms. Sp...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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