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7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

Ever wonder what some things you can do to help legalize marijuana? Here’s a quick beginner’s guide.

7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

1. Educate Yourself.

7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

A great way to start your journey in learning the things you can do to help legalize marijuana is to educate yourself on the topic. Yes, you may want marijuana to be legalized because it helps you unwind and de-stress. But you must think of the bigger picture.

“Learning to message this issue in a way that’s professional, educated and will reach the largest amount of the public is smart to do,” said Vicente.

Start by researching the background on why marijuana became illegal in the first place and why it is still standing that way in some states as of today.

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was introduced, which banned the use and sales of cannabis. The laws on cannabis remained this way up until 1971 when Nixon signed the Controlled Substance Act.

Besides the history of the laws behind cannabis use, it is smart to also understand the current marijuana prohibition happening in states in which cannabis is not legalized.

Try to understand the reasoning behind the government’s intolerance towards cannabis, then try to challenge their beliefs with strong arguments that will grab their attention.

“Think about the message, it’s perhaps a better use of law enforcement resources or taxing this product and using it for education. That might just be a stronger message to convince elected officials or members of the public than talking about the spiritual uses of marijuana,” Vicente said.

After educating yourself on the prohibition, figure out how you can start by getting the law changed in your state. Some states offer initiatives or referendums by voters. Others require you to go through the Legislature.

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Samantha Cashin is a Canadian writer for High Times. Growing up in Victoria, B.C., Samantha credits her knowledge and passion for cannabis from the hippies she grew up surrounded by.

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