7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

Ever wonder what some things you can do to help legalize marijuana? Here’s a quick beginner’s guide.
7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

3. Meet Other Activists in Your Area

7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

An army of voices can be more effective than one. It is essential to start a conversation with those who have the same goal as yourself.

Local advocacy groups exist in pretty much every state. Exchange your ideas, information, and experience with those who have similar views on the topic.

Some cannabis policy reform groups can be found in or near your community. Organizations, such as The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws (NORML), have many local chapters throughout the United States.

“Showing up to meetings or activist meetings is important. I would say showing up is step one,” Vicente said.

Show up to activist events and communicate, it is the perfect place to begin networking. Talking with other advocates will allow you to view the fight for legalization from someone else’s position.

It’s smart to view the fight for legalization as a group crusade rather than a solo battle.

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