America’s Renewed Manufacturing Sector and Its Cannabis Connection

As a brand new industry without a lot of current international competition, cannabis is important to renewing manufacturing. Workers in America have a new opportunity to become experts in designing and manufacturing products specific to cannabis production, sale and consumption, and state legalization has given Americans the opportunity to take that chance and run with it.

American manufacturing, specifically, is important to cannabis because it gives companies a chance to really control the quality of their products. The work that is coming out of the manufacturing division at Surna (a publicly traded company: SRNA), the nationwide leader in technology for the cannabis industry, has been top-notch, allowing the company and outsiders the ability to see the research and development that goes into products, as well as quality assurance in the later stages of production.

The manufacturing team at Surna is the unsung hero of the company, as they are at the helm of this modern day “Industrial Revolution” of the commercial cannabis industry. This revolution has resulted in countless news stories regarding conversations about cannabis and the individuals that partake.

“In Colorado alone, there has been a huge shift in the way that people speak openly about Cannabis, it is no longer a hushed conversation, Tae Darnell, VP and General Counsel of Surna, said. “The chance to speak openly about growing or using Cannabis has lead to massive expansion of an entire industry, and Surna is at the helm of the manufacturing side.”

One of the bigger hurdles facing companies and individuals entering the commercial growing sector is a lack of cultivation knowledge when it comes to larger scale grow operations.

“When I first came to Colorado to try my hand at commercial growing, it was immediately obvious how inexperienced 95 percent of the growers were and how much general and basic knowledge they lacked to grow on a larger commercial scale,” said Rob Levy, founder of cannabis couture line Cultivation Culture, which is expected to launch its first clothing line this fall. “The knowledge I gained from Surna and their products perfectly matched with my views on the environment, technology and efficiency and allowed me to enter the commercial cannabis industry with cutting edge technology and equipment.”

This story is all too familiar to Surna.

“Growers are able to comfortably come to us and ask questions about what exactly Cannabis needs to thrive—not under the auspice of tomatoes or lettuce,” Darnell added. “That shift has been very exciting.

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