9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

There are a ton of businesses that should incorporate weed. Here are nine that would revolutionize everything.
9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

9. Hospitals

9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

Weed has a host of health benefits, more of which come to light every year. Whether you’re coping with PMS pain, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, or treating cancer, weed can play an important role.

Despite its success as treatment and tool for pain management, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been, at best, reticent to prescribe weed to patients in need.

This often has serious consequences, such as the case of a 13-year-old boy denied treatment because he used CBD oil. All the more reason for hospitals and doctors offices to make weed, a natural remedy with little to no side effects, available without a prescription to the general public.

Final Hit: 9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

Weed enthusiasts are notoriously open-minded people, which means that there is no wrong way to enjoy a little Mary J.

Whether you use CBD products for their medicinal qualities or smoke to better enjoy a sunny day at the beach or an arthouse film, we hope that one day you’ll be able to blaze freely anywhere and everywhere.

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