Canna-Hub Is On The Forefront Of California’s Marijuana Industry

Over 1.2 million square feet planned for first-of-its-kind cannabis business community in Williams, California.
Canna-Hub Is On The Forefront Of California’s Marijuana Industry

From cultivation and manufacturing to third-party testing and everything in between, sophisticated cannabis operators seeking to have a strong foothold in California’s cannabis industry have a unique opportunity in Williams, California, to quickly cut through the regulatory red tape and set up shop in compliance with the state’s new cannabis laws rolling out Jan. 1.

Canna-Hub, a California-based real estate development and property management company for the cannabis industry, recently announced it is accepting lease commitments at its first-of-its-kind cannabis business community in Williams, California.

And the timing couldn’t be more advantageous for interested cannabis operators who have experience in regulated markets. California’s cannabis market is expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2020, according to ArcView Market Research. To participate in California’s multi-billion dollar cannabis industry and obtain a cannabis business license, operators will need to meet stringent regulations that include having properly zoned real estate for cannabis operations.

As California prepares for the rollout of adult use cannabis regulation starting Jan. 1, many cities in the state are still struggling to define their cannabis rules—creating confusion among operators and city officials alike.

“Operators have complained about what they see as potential conflicts in various laws and rules, or seemingly contradictory plans,” the Associated Press recently reported, adding that “if businesses aren’t licensed and operating in the legal market, governments aren’t collecting their slice of revenue from sales.”

And that’s where Canna-Hub steps in.

Sacramento-based Canna-Hub’s cannabis real estate development projects throughout the Golden State are unlocking the nation’s biggest pot economy for operators and investors. Canna-Hub’s innovative business model is designed to help current and prospective cannabis licensees secure properly zoned property for their cannabis businesses in California.

Helping Cannabis Licensees Cut Through The Red Tape

With up to 1.2 million-square-feet of space planned for construction in Williams, this Canna-Hub Business Community, or “cannabis hub,” will be able to accommodate about one hundred cannabis licensees with local permitting fees that are among the lowest in the state, Canna-Hub said in a release. The Williams cannabis hub has already received local city zoning and authorization for indoor cultivation, greenhouses, nurseries, volatile and non-volatile manufacturing, tissue culture labs, third-party testing labs, distribution and transport.

Canna-Hub Is On The Forefront Of California’s Marijuana Industry

Drawing on years of experience in commercial real estate and as a lifelong cannabis advocate, the Company’s CEO and founder Tim McGraw said Canna-Hub was created to carry out his vision of providing a new level of professionalism and best practices in the rapidly growing cannabis space. McGraw has designed or built cannabis-specific facilities in several states and abroad and has overseen cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and security of the largest cannabis operation in Illinois. I

n 2015, High Times recognized him with a Trailblazer Award that credits recipients for their ability to unite the fields of politics, ‪‎entrepreneurship and ‪‎medicine.

“With a focus on speed to market, we are helping cannabis business owners planning to operate under the new regulatory environment by eliminating the painstaking process of identifying suitable property with the necessary infrastructure and zoning for their operations,” McGraw told High Times, stressing that operators must position themselves now with compliant real estate in order to participate in California’s new cannabis landscape. “Having so many different license types in one location is going to encourage synergies that ultimately help operators keep costs down. If you’re a cultivator, for example, you don’t need to send your product miles away to a third-party testing lab. In a Canna-Hub business community, everything you need to get your business going and maintain compliance with the new rules is right there for you.”

In addition to helping cannabis operators with speed to market, Canna-Hub benefits forward-thinking towns and cities, like Williams, by creating significant revenue gains and local job opportunities as a result of being on the forefront of California’s Green Rush.

“The City of Williams is fortunate to have a City Council with the vision to approve a plan to welcome cannabis operators to our town in an organized and professional manner as was proposed by Canna-Hub,” Williams City Administrator Frank Kennedy said in a Canna-Hub Company release. “The local benefits with regards to jobs, improved infrastructure and overall economic stimulus that will accompany a development of this size will be game-changing for the citizens of Williams.”

Canna-Hub’s Williams, California site is one of several sites the company has identified in strategically located cities across the state. Canna-Hub has also secured or is negotiating to acquire real estate and zoning approvals in several other strategic regions in California. To learn more, visit

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