Cannabis World Conference Business Expo (CWWBE) Hits New York

Photo by T.H.Caeczar

The Cannabis World Conference Business Expo: New York City has been an amazing way for investors intertwine with the ever-so-popular cannabis movement.

CBD has always been the biggest subject matter at these events, and there are several companies riding the “CBD wave” pretty heavily. There are CBD topicals, edibles, vape cartridges, infused- waters, the list keeps growing! If it keeps up this pace, CBD might become a part of our everyday lives in almost every product possible! 

There is tons of new data every year, and it can be hard to keep up with all the new info on THC, CBD, New York State laws for/against cannabis, and the road to legalization in the Empire State. It’s been a tough battle, but it looks like New York State might be winning this long and grueling fight against the war on cannabis.

If you are trying to invest in the cannabis movement and are based out of the Tri-State area, this expo is where your time, effort and money need to be spent.

They hold amazing seminars that are incredibly informative; some will have you looking at the cannabis movement in a completely different way. The list of guest speakers was incredibly long, but the amount of knowledge and networking that can be done at CWCBE is insane.

With hundreds of people in the Tri-State area looking to put their foot in the cannabis movement, this is where you come to connect the dots. The cost of entry for this event is pretty pricey for most people, but if you make the right connections, it makes it all worth it. Who knows your next investor or business partner might just be right in front of you.

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