CBD Oil Sales Skyrocket in the United Kingdom

CBD oil sales skyrocket in the United Kingdom, even though the plant is still prohibited.
The United Kingdom Will Have Medical Cannabis Within a Month

It’s only been a year since the United Kingdom reclassified cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a medicine. But the country already notices tremendous demand for the product. Unlike the United States which is moving slow to change CBD’s classification on a federal level, the UK is reaping all the rewards. Since its change in status, the progressive country is seeing CBD oil sales skyrocket in the United Kingdom.

CBD Oil and Its Value

CBD oil has gathered popularity worldwide recently, and its medicinal value can’t be denied. Containing less than .2 percent of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol, this miracle worker is now legal in the UK.

CBD oil can be used to treat all sorts of issues, such as acne, quitting cigarette smoking, fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis.

Taken by drops under the tongue, its chemical properties prove vital for patients worldwide.

But users of this miracle product can get it legally and with little hassle in the United Kingdom.

Big Money for UK CBD Oil Retailer Holland and Barrett

Noticing this consumer demand after legalization, UK retailer Holland and Barrett has stocked their shelves with the highly anticipated product.

They have not regretted it.

By offering the oil to its customers, the store calculates a sales increase of over 37 percent.

Furthermore, the Cannabis Trades Association of the UK has issued new data reflecting this growing consumer trend. According to them, now 250,000 residents use CBD oil across the UK.

This is an increase from 125,000 people the previous year. So it’s no surprise the nation is observing CBD oil sales skyrocket in the United Kingdom.

Holland and Barrett’s CBD Products: Mixed Reviews

Should anyone in the UK want to buy CBD oil, Holland and Barrett sells a 10ml bottle for just £9.49 from Dutch company Jacob Hooy. This little doozy packs a punch, offering a range of benefits to many who buy it. Some rejoice over it, even calling it “liquid gold”.

But some consumers feel differently. Unfortunately, the product has received less than satisfactory reviews from its users online.

On a five-star scale, its average is only 3.5. Some of the people who have purchased it even claim they feel nothing at all except a lingering bad taste in their mouth.

No worries. The retailer hopes to release a larger line of CBD oil products since seeing CBD oil sales skyrocket in the United Kingdom. In the next month, they hope to release four more cannabis oil products for its shoppers.

Soon they might be able to expand even further into other marijuana markets. This may only be possible as the UK Parliament is currently debates legalizing weed in the country.

Until then, lovers of CBD in the UK can continue to stock up on oil from Holland and Barrett. Otherwise, they can visit cafes in the UK which sell cannabis-infused baked goods and snacks.

Final Hit: CBD Oil Sales Skyrocket in the United Kingdom

But if you’re from out of the UK, don’t go trying to sneak some CBD oil from this shop through an airport after visiting.

Though this helpful product has made waves in the UK since they relaxed their laws on it, it’s still illegal in many areas, including parts of the European Union.

But seeing profits this impressive from CBD oil sales, it only shows the money-making pot-tential in the UK as other markets for marijuana products open up.

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