Buying Weed Online: Is It Safe To Buy Weed Online?

Dear Dan, Hello, I’ve noticed lots of online weed sales, I’m interested in making a purchase but have yet to do so in fear of losing my money. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks from Florida. – Zachary C.

Dear Zachary,

I strongly recommend that you do not purchase any cannabis online. There are far too many scam artists posting and there’s simply no guarantee you’ll get what you ordered and that you’re not giving over your information to law enforcement or hackers. You’re far better off either growing your own or finding a good “real-life” connection than throwing caution to the wind and ordering pot through the internet.

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  1. Yes you should buy cannabis online.. it will save you from having to hang about dodgy street corners trying to score some weed or being shot to death by drug dealers. And plus the best thing is that i can spend some of my Bitcoins and have my weed delievered to my door

    1. For the love of god I wish the “buying weed from a shady gang banger in a dark alley of some ghetto” myth would just die. There are upper class dealers, Middle class dealers, and lower class dealers. All three can rip you off, and none of them will “shoot you to death” because you bought weed from them.

      That said you have just as much of a chance if not higher of getting ripped off buying cannabis online.

  2. I strongly disagree with Dan on this one and think he should catch up to the rest of the world …. I’ve discovered strains and variety I could Never find locally online . When looking for a spot just do homework, research the company. Herbal dispatch and treemo are both great companies to try.

  3. You just wrote this article to CYA from all the people posting their sales ads on your site…. IF you weren’t then why do you allow it? It promotes interstate drug trafficking…

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