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Pot Prices: June 2016 THMQ



June’s numbers are in and all indices, with the exception of the Schwag Index, finished above their previous month’s average. The Mids Index experienced the biggest gain, shooting up $33 to reach its highest average price since April 2015 (14 months). The top five submitted strains remained the same for the fourth consecutive month.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $328 (last month: $322, Year-to-Date: $308)
CURRENT KIND INDEX ($350+ PER OZ): $378 ($368, $373)
CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150-$349 PER OZ): $281 ($248, $263)
CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $110 ($120, $115)  

The top five submitted strains (with average price) were: Kush ($351), Diesel ($337), Blue Dream ($371), Girl Scout Cookies ($332) and Haze ($350).

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(Jillybean) “Such a happy high!” Provincetown, MA

(Jack Herer) “Takes a while to finish but definitely worth the wait.” –Portland, OR

(Master Kush) “A total knockout!” –Richmond, VA

(Girl Scout Cookies) “The best strain on the market IMO.” –Phoenix, AZ