Denver Clothing Company Offers Free Weed

A new clothing company in Denver has hit on an innovative strategy to attract marijuana-lovers to their fashion line. Hemp House will offer a free gift of ganja to any denizens of Denver who purchase their products. Yes, it’s true: Their website claims that an eighth of “complimentary cannabis” will be offered to Denver Metro-area residents (who are 21 and older, to comply with the state’s recreational marijuana laws) when they buy a hoodie or other piece of sartorial swag. Hemp House’s line will purportedly consist of sustainably-made hemp socks, T-shirts, backpacks, hats, sweaters and more. Delivery orders above a minimum amount will be accompanied by said free weed. You hear that, Danny Danko? That’s just your thing!

The stoner-friendly company will launch its line in December. Just in time for a cannablissful Christmas! Sadly, Hemp House will not be offering free weed to folks ordering online, since mailing marijuana is still illegal, but they promise “something else special.” We wonder what it is…

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