Holiday Gift Guide Pt. I: Accoutrements for Aficionados

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to show that special stoner in their life how much they care about them. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a compendium of stoner gift lists. Check out our holiday recommendations for every kind of stoner under the stoner sun! Our first list is some of the gear we really loved this year, both inexpensive and lavish.

Burton 420 Kit

A smell-proof, pocket-sized stash box for your precious cargo, the Burton 420 Kit is the perfect size for throwing in your purse or backpack.  Its compression-molded design prevents any crushing of the contents. We love the little Burton branded poker as well.

Futurola Coffeeshop Kit

From the smoker’s capital of the world comes a kit that’s perfect for every occasion! This great little Coffeeshop Kit contains a patented RYO King Size Rolling Machine, King Size & King Size Slim rolling papers, a King Size lighter, and Futurola filter tips. You’ll be ready to roll it up and smoke it whenever and wherever you are.

Elements Rolling Papers

Elements are made from earth-friendly materials like rice and sugar, without any chemicals or burn agents. They burn with virtually zero ash, except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. The proprietary crisscross watermark helps prevent runs, allowing for the smoothest and most even burn possible. Some of the best rolling papers around, these make a great holiday party favor.

Stink Sacks

Stink Sacks 100 percent polyethylene bags come in a variety of sizes and designs, including blacked-out, leopard-print, and skull-pattern bags. The puncture-resistant bags are inexpensive and reusable and fit neatly into a pocket. They won’t prevent your buds from getting crushed, so don’t sit on your weed, but they’re great for stoners on the go. Stuff some sacks in your sweetie’s stocking.

Dab Pack

Made from hemp in Colorado, the Cough’n Pack provides a safe and sturdy place to keep your dabbing equipment. It has padded pouches for rigs, a torch, a butane can and a water bottle, plus a special container for your nail and dome. It even has a Hemp HoodLamb rolling paper dispenser. The pack also includes an interchangeable “pull out goo rag.” A perfect gift for the dabber you love.

Hive Ceramics

Hive Ceramics are some of the best nails and dabbing tools on the market. Hive makes medical and food-grade, all-natural, non-porous nails that have amazing heat retention. Plus, dabbing on a ceramic nail gives an unbelievably clean taste. Be sure to heat your Hive nail evenly and carefully so the porcelain doesn’t crack, and enjoy the sweet taste of your dabs with nothing in the way. Jingle bells!

Oil Slick Dab Mat

Engineered specifically for concentrates, the Slick Pad allows you to handle sticky resin with zero waste or mess. Completely non-stick, the Slick Pad is the perfect surface for handling precious extracts and protecting glass tools. Sticky tools stay clean of debris, while slippery glass stays put. The Slick Pad is manufactured from medical-grade silicone, which has no bad odors, smells or flavors that can affect the purity of your extract. A thoughtful gift for concentrate lovers.

Snoop Dogg G Pen

Grenco Science has wholeheartedly welcomed their newest business partner, Snoop Dogg, with a top-of-the-line vape pen. The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal is the first in a collection of upcoming releases designed by Snoop himself. It features an intricately designed roadmap of Long Beach, which is an area that is “sentimental and nostalgic” to Snoop, whose signature is engraved on the stainless steel encasement. The pen also features a hardened glass sleeve. The pen is designed for herb, and Snoop fans will love the way it cleanly and conveniently vapes flowers.

Cloud V Phantom

The stylish and portable Cloud V Phantom features a heating chamber that has optimized temperature for vaping your flowers with big clouds and a smooth taste. The one-temperature setting makes this vape enjoyable and easy to use anytime, anywhere. It’s got a nice feel and sleek design. The Phantom comes with an extra battery and is covered under a one-year limited warranty.

Atmos Boss

Rounding out our selection of vaporizers for dry herb, the Atmos Boss is a high-quality portable vape unit that produces true vapor. Its high-grade stainless steel heating chamber makes it sturdy and easy to use. The patent-protected Boss makes a great gift for a loved one—it’s a handy vape that’s not short on style.

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