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Job Opening: California Looking for Pot Czar

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It is not your normal help wanted ad, but California Governor Jerry Brown’s office is spearheading a state-wide search by the California Department of Consumer Affairs to fill the post as head of the soon-to-be-established Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR), that is, Chief of Pot, according to the Sacramento Bee.

It sounds like the dream job to get in on the ground floor of California’s push to regulate medical marijuana. And the pay is not bad either – between $115,608 to $128,808 per year.

The job will entail dealing with the interminable rules and regulations, as well as everything from writing legislation for permits for growers, sellers, and buyers, to disciplinary actions for those that don’t abide by the rules.

The successful applicant, or pot chief, will be the face of the BMMR to the media and consumers.

The job posting is already up at Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, which has become the preeminent place to learn about all things pot.

Oaksterdam Chancellor, Dale Sky Jones, spoke with CBS San Francisco about the importance of finding the right person for the job.

“It’s important that we have someone who can work across the aisle,” said Ms. Jones. “Not just partisan, from Democrats to Republicans, but between the regulators and the industry.”

“[Whoever] takes the job is probably going to have a target on their head,” ventured Jones.

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