Pot Prices: June 2017 THMQ

Market Analysis: All indices finished June above their previous month’s average. After three-straight months of dropping prices, the Western Index stabilized in June, finishing $3 above its May average. All indices finished within $6 of their previous month’s average and all, with the exception of the Western Index, finished within $8 of their year-to-date average.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $335 (Last Month: $329, Year-to-Date: $329)
CURRENT EASTERN INDEX: $357 ($355, $351)
CURRENT SOUTHERN INDEX: $370 ($367, $362)
CURRENT WESTERN INDEX: $256 ($267, $253) 


(Granddaddy Purps) “Great smoke, flavorful. A few hits gets you high.”–Nashville, TN

(Kush) “This herb is incredible. Makes delicious rosin.”–Huntington, WV

(Hydro) “Small, Colorful light green buds—strong buzz.”–Franklin, KY

(Blue Dream) “My all-time favorite smoke!” –Austin, TX

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