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Pot Prices: March 2015 THMQ



Market Analysis: The market has been a bit of rollercoaster in 2015. All indices were up in January, down in February and now up again in March. The US Price Index experienced the biggest gain, finishing the month $25 above its February average. Its current average price of $308 per ounce marks a six-month high.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $308 (last month: $283, Year-to-Date: $298)
CURRENT KIND INDEX ($350+ PER OZ): $370 ($364, $369)
CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150-$349 PER OZ): $284 ($273, $281)
CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $97 ($92, $100)

The top five submitted strains (with average price) were: Kush ($299), Diesel ($347), Blue Dream ($263), Girl Scout Cookies ($285) and Haze ($367). 

HIGH TIMES wants to know what you’re smoking. Submit your strain information including location and price by the ounce to – or tweet us (#THMQ).

(Berry White) “Very relaxing smoke. Uplifting and happy! Great anytime pot.” –Newark, DE

(Big Buddha Cheese) “Excellent smoke. Quite pungent – the smell is almost overpowering.” –London, UK

(Skywalker) “This is some of the best weed I have ever smoked. The force is strong with this one!” –Jersey City, NJ

(Golden Goat) “Still waiting for the rest of the country to catch on to the Goat…” –Denver, CO