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Pot Prices: October 2015 THMQ



Market Analysis: Once again, the Mids Index is all over the map. After hitting a 9-month low in July and then an 11-month low in September, the Mids Index shot up $20 to finish October at a 4-month high. All other indices finished within $5 of their previous month’s average.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $299 (last month: $296, Year-to-Date: $298)
CURRENT KIND INDEX ($350+ PER OZ): $375 ($372, $371)
CURRENT MIDS INDEX ($150-$349 PER OZ): $275 ($255, $275)
CURRENT SCHWAG INDEX ($1-$149 PER OZ): $105 ($100, $101)

The top five submitted strains (with average price) were: Kush ($320), Diesel ($318), Blue Dream ($322), Girl Scout Cookies ($316) and Purps ($308).

HIGH TIMES wants to know what you’re smoking. Submit your strain information including location and price by the ounce to – or tweet us (#THMQ).

(OG Kush) “Our weed game is strong.” –Columbus, OH

(Girl Scout Cookies) “My personal favorite strain – so dank!” –Phoenix, AZ

(Diesel) “Do not underestimate the UK. There is dank available.” –London, ENGLAND

(Girl Scout Cookies) “American prices are high.” –Quebec City, CANADA