Radical Rant: A Visit with Uncle Spliffy, Cliff Robinson

NBA veteran Cliff Robinson was known as “Uncle Cliffy” during his playing days. The 6’10” retired basketballer played 19 seasons in the Association, most memorably with the powerhouse Portland Trail Blazers teams of the early 1990s.

But now Robinson has become “Uncle Spliffy” here in Portland with the announcement of his premiere new craft cannabis brand. It’s a natural fit for Robinson, who had numerous run-ins with NBA drug testing that earned him suspensions for his marijuana use.

Robinson delivered the keynote address at this week’s Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland. He told us of the other nickname he’s had since childhood—“one-flat Cliff” for his sub-par ability to pick strawberries—and his undying love for his hometown Buffalo Bills.

I had the chance to interview Robinson, along with KBOO’s Doug McVay, following his speech. I asked him about the reactions to his embarking on a cannabusiness career and what his endorsement of adult cannabis use may mean for other pro-athletes and members of the African-American community.

(Photo Courtesy of SlamOnline.com)

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