How The Trimmer Store Is Shaping The Most Proficient Grows

How The Trimmer Store Is Shaping The Most Proficient Grows
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The Trimmer Store, rated Colorado’s number one cannabis trimming and processing solutions provider, is setting the bar high in the industry. And that got us wondering how is The Trimmer Store is shaping the most proficient grows?

Essentially a one-stop shop for any type of grower, The Trimmer Store provides in-store and on-site product demonstrations, staff training, consultations, security protocol implementation and elite hand-trimming crew services, as well as machine sales, rentals, repairs and maintenance.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also provide honest reviews on their YouTube channel, letting viewers and customers know the pros and cons of various machinery on the market.

Making Harvesting Processes More Efficient

Managing partner Eric Singleton, who began working for the company in 2015, has risen to be an expert in harvesting automation and efficiency.

In the same ways restaurateur Georges Auguste Escoffier created the template for the modern commercial kitchen and automotive icon Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry, Eric is changing the landscape of harvesting throughout the country by working with equipment manufacturers, trim teams and growers large and small, to upgrade their SOPs (standard operating procedures) and to make their harvesting processes more efficient.

His passion combined with an accredited background in restaurant management and logistics is a major asset in regards to The Trimmer Store’s drive into dominance as Colorado’s leading harvesting and trimming solutions provider.

Eric Singleton Explains How The Trimmer Store Is Shaping The Most Proficient Grows

Learn more about Eric and harvesting at the upcoming CannaGrow Expo in Denver on October 28th and 29th where he’ll be providing an exclusive workshop: Evolution of Cannabis Harvesting: Learn to Reduce Stress and Costs Through Proficiency & Automation.

High Times caught up with Eric to learn more about the process of trimming and enhancing productivity—just in time for fall harvest. And most important—how The Trimmer Store is shaping the most proficient grows.

High Times: What lead you to Colorado and working with The Trimmer Store?

Eric Singleton: I moved out to Colorado for climbing. When I first started working with The Trimmer Store, it allowed me to go climbing every day. Then, the work became a passion, and I was given the opportunity to become part owner. I don’t go climbing as much as I used to, but I am definitely doing something I love.

HT: How can streamlining the trimming process enhance productivity and generate more money?

ES: It’s hard on companies when they need solid trimmers working long hours, doing repetitive motions, consistently maintaining the highest standards. It’s hard on the workers for the exact same reasons. Humans need to rest at some point.

The automated process allows the workers to focus their energies elsewhere, enhancing productivity as well as creating a better work environment. We aren’t trying to replace everyone with robots. This is an agricultural industry. It will always require a hands-on approach.

HT: What are some parallels you can draw from other industries, such as the cooking and automobile industries, and how does that apply to the cannabis industry?

ES: I use the cooking industry a lot when explaining what a grow room should look like. The best kitchens I’ve worked in had the highest standards for cleanliness—everything stainless steel, everything cleaned meticulously. If you drop a piece of fish on the floor, you should be able to pick it up and still eat it… same for grow rooms. When you are producing medicine, it shouldn’t be at risk for contamination.

HT: Harvest season is here… What’s your advice or what tools would you recommend for the home gardeners?

ES: A clean room, good ventilation, a couple of pairs of sharp scissors, security systems in place, and a handful of people you can trust. People oftentimes forget that they still need protection despite legalization. You have a valuable product, and it can be a target for theft.

HT: How can patients benefit from using trimming tools?

ES: There are so many benefits for patients. For example, a woman with Alzheimer’s couldn’t trim anymore, so we set her up with a machine that essentially does everything for her. She’s incredibly happy with it. We create solutions for our customers based on their specific needs.

HT: How does it feel to be leaders in a new and rapidly growing industry?

ES: Exciting, and slightly unnerving. This industry is, at best, only 10 years old. Think about the automobile industry at 10 years. We are in the very early stages, there are a lot of kinks and questions to work out. Often, if a question is asked, it’s being asked for the first time. It’ll be exciting to see the industry in its 50th and 60th year, when we know more and the standards are higher.

HT: The Trimmer Store is Colorado’s leading trim store. What’s the key to achieving that status?

ES: Our customer service, hands down. We’re always here, we have a lot of knowledge to share and we’re honest. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we say so, and then go find the answer. We are passionate about giving our customers what they need.

HT: Do you have plans to expand to other regions in the near future?

ES: Yes, Oregon, Washington, the East Coast… Our goal is to be in every state.

HT: Where do you see the future of cannabis harvesting?

ES: The sky’s the limit. I see better and stricter regulations, and more efficiency as the automated process becomes more established.

HT: What do you hope for the company’s future?

ES: I hope to see us in every state—like the Pep Boys of the cannabis industry. You walk in, find someone knowledgeable at the front desk, and we’ll walk you through the different products and answer your questions.

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