Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Chloe Cherry, Actress and Model

The “Euphoria” star Chloe Cherry discusses her love of shake, packing spliff bongs, and getting stoned before curating her weekly “Niche TikTok Hour.”
Photo by Zach Sokol

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs is an ongoing series where interesting folks offer recommendations for all things 420 — what strains they like, what weed products are blowing their minds, and what they like to do once stoned.

Chloe Cherry is an actress and model, known for her star-making role as Faye on Euphoria. Since becoming an HBO scene-stealer, Chloe has been extremely busy. During the last fashion week, she walked for esteemed lines like GCDS, Blumarine, and Laquan Smith—and more recently, she’s modeled for next-level brands, including Betsey Johnson, iGirl, and Petra Collins’ I’m Sorry. She’s also starring in several new movies that are due to premiere before she returns for season three of Euphoria.

Chloe is also a comedic lightning rod on social media, where she delights her millions of followers with hilarious meditations on life in L.A., as well as her weekly “Niche TikTok Hour” that features a curation of the strangest videos she finds on the platform. We strongly recommend that you check those out after you’ve hit the blunt.

Chloe Cherry is a close friend and frequent collaborator of the admins here at Cash Only, and she was kind enough to make some time to hop on the phone and discuss all things weed. Below, the young icon discusses her love of shake, becoming a “TikTok Sound” that Phoebe Bridgers sampled, and the merits of Googling “the best” health products (whether you buy them or not). Enjoy!

Photo by Zach Sokol

What’s your current favorite strain?

Chloe Cherry: My favorite weed strain is going to the shop and saying, “What kind of shake do you have?” LOL. I don’t care about getting premium, top-shelf weed anymore—that stuff is way too strong. I think shake is lighter and chiller. When I smoke, I smoke—like I will smoke all day because I like the activity of smoking. Shake facilitates that, you know? I can’t smoke top-shelf weed all day. One joint of that stuff is too much. Shake helps keep my tolerance low, too.

I’ll get my shake from any dispensary. I’m not loyal to just one. That said, there’s this one called “The Weed” that is good. I like the name, it’s simple. Plus, shake costs like $18 for a quarter there. 

I only buy indica shake because I mostly use weed for the purpose of sleeping. I’m not really a day smoker. When I do embrace day smoking, it’s because I’ve been working nonstop and need a full day to relax and do nothing. So if I want a full day to myself, like a whole day to chill, I’ll smoke during the day.

Do you have a favorite weed product?

I’m a bong girl. I use one glass bong at a time, usually nothing too fancy. I usually wait too long to clean it, though. I’ll clean it once someone comments about it and says “ew.”

I’ve tried the dab pens and they’re cool, but I like a bong full of both weed and tobacco. They call it a “moke” in L.A.—in Canada they call it “batch” when it’s a spliff bowl.

I rarely smoke spliffs at home or by myself. But I will roll a spliff if I’m with other people because it’s kind of hard to share a bowl. If I’m trying to share or have a sesh, I’ll twist a spliff using American Spirit rolling tobacco.

Photo by Zach Sokol

What activity do you like to do after you’ve smoked?

I really like to go through TikTok when I’m really stoned. That’s when I curate my “Niche TikTok Hour,” which is a compilation I make and post to my Instagram story every few weeks. It’s just a curation of what I find funny. I really like TikToks where it’s one person complaining and ranting. They’re like, “I don’t understand men!” or go off about something like that. I love when someone goes off about someone random. Once I’m stoned, I have the patience to sift through all that stuff and make my little compilations.

Oh side note, they turned one of my TikTok videos into a “TikTok sound.” It’s the one where I say, “Why does every dude in L.A. make music? They just make fucking music?” I saw Phoebe Bridgers post it recently, which was really cool.

I have another recommendation. I’ve heard that weed can make your body temperature go down, so I recommend wearing something warm during whatever activity you do once you’re stoned. I usually have some blankets ready because I like to get cozy once I’m baked. I get high and then I get cold!

Can you recommend something to watch while stoned?

I love adult animation—always have and always will. Family Guy. South Park. Any season. I think South Park has only gotten funnier. I also will dig into old Vine compilations because I feel like Vine is just proto TikTok.

Interestingly, I’m not a movie girl. I SHOULD because of my job, but I’m not as much of a film buff as you’d might expect. The last good one I saw was West Side Story. It was really true to the original. Accurately done and I loved the stage production.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Can you recommend something to listen to after smoking?

I’m a hip-hop girl and a low-key music head. I really like rap generally—stoned or otherwise. I’ve gotten into indie pop and bedroom pop vibes, too. Claro. Tame Impala. I figured everyone would say Tame Impala for the list, but whatever I like them. Perfect music for being stoned. I also like Isaiah Rashad and this guy Smino.

If I could make a track with anyone, it’d be Mac Miller—R.I.P. If I could collaborate with anyone living, it’d be Tyler the Creator because he just gets it. We would make the coolest music video ever together.

Can you recommend something to read that might appeal to someone who’s high?

I love to get high and then start looking up “the best” stuff for lifestyle products or routines. Like, the healthiest meals that can change your life. Or “the best laundry detergent” or “the best hand soap.” Random life enhancers. I’ll look up all this health stuff in order to optimize my life, and being stoned inspires me to dig into those rabbit holes. I sometimes buy the actual stuff these articles recommend, but I mostly enjoy looking them up and thinking about them.

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