Did Adam Pally Have an Existential Crisis During the Shorty Awards?

Adam Pally was not a happy camper during Sunday’s Shorty Awards.
Did Adam Pally Have an Existential Crisis During the Shorty Awards?

In today’s era of social media influencers, meme sharing, and viral yodeling children, naturally, there must be some sort of recognition ceremony for all of the internet’s greatest gifts.

Hence, we have the Shorty Awards.

In the 10th iteration of the award ceremony, which recognizes some of the top influencers and brands in Social Media, we witnessed one of the strangest award presentations in modern times. Adam Pally, who serves as the Executive Producer of The President’s Show and star of the upcoming comedy Most Likely To Murder, was selected to present the award for Best Overall Instagram. However, it was his speech, rather than the award itself, that provided entertainment to the masses.

Adam Pally Is Not Having It

If there was ever an award ceremony for someone who’s absolutely fed up with new societal conventions, Adam Pally would undoubtedly clean house.

As he made his way to the stage to present the award, sporting an unbuttoned plaid shirt under a sweater, the Happy Endings star looked noticeably disheveled. We could see his despair from a mile away. When he finally talked, he all but confirmed our prior affirmations.

He was not having any of it.

“Thank you for having me at the Shorty Awards, the waiting-at-the-DMV of award shows,” he said. After comparing the shape of the award to a vagina, Pally made several inquiries about the true legitimacy of the awards show.

“To whoever wins this award. I do have a few questions about what is happening here tonight. I guess I’ll start with: What is going on?…Where are we? Why are people getting awards? Am I going to get an award? What qualifies you to get an award?”

With the audience in shock, Pally continued to bash the award shows, as well as some of its winners.

“If you want me to host next year, hard pass,” Pally declared.  “This is the worst night of my life.”

“I’m worried about Backpack Kid. Super worried,” Pally noted.

“Remember that winner that was up here saying she was in college to be an engineer but she dropped out to play video games? Don’t do that. Absolutely not. She thinks it worked out for her, but in six months, she’ll be trying to get back into that school.”

Obviously, Pally was having some sort of existential crisis, and perhaps a sliver of guilt for playing a role in the ceremony. He was able to finesse one more sly-remark, before finally getting escorted off of the stage.

“I guess I’ll finish this shit show up,” Pally announced.

Unfortunately, he was unable to back up his words.

Final Hit: Did Adam Pally Have an Existential Crisis During the Shorty Awards?

While it’s honestly a surprise to see a celebrity comedian bashing a web-based award show, it was somewhat of a shock that the Shorty Awards enlisted someone with a clear disdain for this line of work. Certainly, there should have been ways to see this coming.

Either way, it appears Pally could’ve benefited from a joint before making his appearance on stage. He could’ve relaxed, did his thing, and simply left on a ‘high’ note.

But we’re lying if we’re saying his authenticity wasn’t A+ entertainment.

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