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7 Celebrities Who Got Busted For Weed

All of these celebs have a friend in common. Her name is Mary Jane.

7 Celebrities Who Got Busted For Weed

Seeing red and blue lights flashing makes almost anyone twitch with anxiety if they’re sitting on a stash of green. Still, us common folk aren’t the only ones freaked at the sight of the po-po. Celebrities and those with lifestyles of the rich and famous still face the same terror getting caught holding onto marijuana. They can just afford better legal counsel than us regulars. Here are just seven celebrities who got busted for weed.

7. Carlos Henderson, Bronco’s Wide Receiver 

7 Celebrities Who Got Busted For Weed


While certainly far from the league of others making this list, Carlos Henderson’s arrest story deserves telling. Earlier this year police pulled Henderson and a friend over in Louisiana. Paranoid, Henderson scarfed the weed from under the passenger seat. Busted!  When the suspicious cops told him to say, “Ah,” after seeing the remainder of a J, they saw his green-colored tongue. Caught red-handed? More like “caught green-tongued”.

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