Did Lil Duval Smoke A Blunt In A Self-Driving Car?!

Some people think the comedian went too far.
Did Lil Duval Smoke A Blunt In A Self-Driving Car?!

A video posted on Instagram has us scratching our heads and asking, “Did Lil Duval smoke a blunt in a self-driving car?” Since the stand-up comedian published the video, it’s been making the rounds and causing a stir. But is all the hype really necessary? Or are we making a big deal out of nothing?

Lil Duval and His Friend, Tesla

The video that Lil Duval posted is pretty short. It just shows him kicking back and relaxing…in the driver’s seat of a moving car that is rolling down the highway. Lil Duval’s seat is reclined and his hands are not in the proper ten-and-two position. His hands aren’t even on the wheel.

And the comedian is smoking something that looks suspiciously like a blunt. Or at the very least, an oversized joint.

The video didn’t end in a horrific accident. Lil Duval’s car is one of the Tesla models that feature autopilot. So the car was driving itself while Lil Duval took a smoke break.

Even still, viewers around the country were up in arms. They saw it as a flagrant display of reckless driving (or, rather, lack of driving) and a blatant disrespect for cannabis prohibition. Not to mention the additional issues of driving while high.

Final Hit: Did Lil Duval Smoke A Blunt In A Self-Driving Car?!

After the backlash, Lil Duval took to Twitter to explain away one of the problems that people had with his Instagram video. Namely, what he was smoking.

Unsurprisingly, that defense garnered skepticism from fans and critics alike. But while it may have been just a cigar, the fact remains that when one is operating a vehicle, they should pay at least some attention to the road. Even if the car is on autopilot.

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