Lil Twist Beats Marijuana DUI With The Best Possible Defense

A year ago rapper Lil Twist was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after cops found a lit joint in his center console, he failed (miserably) in a field sobriety test, and his speech was “deliberate and lethargic,” according to police. He was going 69 mph in a 30 zone and consistently running red lights. Seems like a case closed for the cops, but the conviction they sought wouldn’t be so easy to attain. It turns out the District Attorney found Twist to be not high enough to convict.

Here’s what happened: First of all, the officers waited 46 minutes to take a blood sample from the stoney recording artist — the end result was low enough that it couldn’t be considered “impairment.” Next, his field sobriety results were only considered “moderately bad” by the DA whereas according to TMZ, Twist “couldn’t touch his nose, couldn’t walk a straight line, and swayed when he tried standing on 1 leg and his eyes were rolling.”

All said and done, Lil Twist came out unscathed with three tickets total — one for speeding, one for failing to stop at a red light and one for possession of less than an ounce of weed. We’d call that a win for the defendant.

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