9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoke Weed

Talk show hosts who smoke weed are generally funnier than those who don’t toke up. Here are a few of our favorites.
9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

2. David Letterman

9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

The longtime host of CBS’s The Late Show, David Letterman hasn’t hidden the fact that he used to light up quite a bit. He has also spent quite a bit of time talking to his guests—from Oprah to Bill O’Reilly to Seth Rogen—about weed.

In his conversation with Oprah, Letterman explains why he quit smoking weed. “One night, I find myself standing in front of the freezer … I ate two pints of ice cream.”

Oprah, too, has since stopped smoking weed. “For me, it was a sleeve of Oreos,” Oprah said.

David Letterman even brought up weed with Bill O’Reilly, the infamous Fox News host who has since lost his job at Fox News for six sexual harassment claims. When Letterman asked him to vote between weed and alcohol, O’Reilly said he didn’t like either.

“Two for weed,” Letterman joked.

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  1. From a partaker himself. You can tell just by his eyes. Jimmy loves the ” 1 toke over the over the line sweet Jesus”..etc. song.

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