9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoke Weed

Talk show hosts who smoke weed are generally funnier than those who don’t toke up. Here are a few of our favorites.
9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

9. Bill Maher

9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoked Weed

Last but certainly not least, the Real Time with Bill Maher host is far from ashamed of his fondness for the herb. Not only is Bill Maher consistently vocal about legalization his show, but he reminds his viewers not to get too optimistic.

Marijuana legalization isn’t a guarantee, even in states where voters have legalized it, according to Maher. “In 2013, L.A. had nearly 700 dispensaries, but since then, over 500 have been shut down,” Maher explains on Real Time with Bill Maher. “And dispensaries still can’t get banking services.”

Maher points out that we need more political activism. “We don’t have a politician who will say, ‘legalize it nationally. period.”

However, for the time being, Maher is enjoying his freedom to smoke in California. Thanks to, as he puts it, “glaucoma in my third eye,” he lit up a joint on television! This definitely puts him on our list of 9 talk show hosts who smoke weed.

Final Hit: 9 Talk Show Hosts Who Smoke Weed

It’s no surprise that some of the most successful talk show hosts are open to the herb.

Not only do they love getting their guests to talk about marijuana—and sometimes share the wealth—but these nine talk show hosts who smoke weed are a big part of promoting legalization and normalizing marijuana use.

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  1. From a partaker himself. You can tell just by his eyes. Jimmy loves the ” 1 toke over the over the line sweet Jesus”..etc. song.

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