10 Best Times to Get High

Everybody knows that the best time to get high is all the time, but there are certain times when lighting up is a little more pleasurable than others. When you’re really sick or already too high, it’s best to lay off the pipe, but waking up, showering and eating can all be perfect excuses to do quite the opposite.

Here are 10 ideal situations to get high before, during, or after.

1. Wake and Bake

Many cannabis users have perfected the art of waking and baking by consistently starting their mornings with cannabinoids. A huge rip out of your two-foot bong might put you right back to sleep, but just the slightest bit of herb or concentrates will send you soaring into your day.

2. Beddy-Bye-Bowls

Just like wake and baking can be very effective for giving your day a jumpstart, cannabis is a well-known natural sleep aid for those that have trouble getting shuteye. Heavy indicas promote relaxation and allow you to comfortably drift off without the use of any sleeping pill. If you know what strain you’re medicating with, try researching its effects to see if it can help you out in the nighttime.

3. Shower Time, Flower Time

Sometimes the bathroom is foggy for more reasons than just steam from the hot water. Smoking and showering is a match that will have you questioning where it has been all of your life. Perhaps you’ll end up spending a little more time in there than usual, but the refreshing feeling that you get during and after makes it all worth it.

4. Puffs Before Supper

When THC is in your bloodstream, it sometimes binds to the receptors that tell your brain that you’re hungry. Anyone that smokes and also eats can attest to the fact that cannabis does increase your appetite—in the form of munchies. Before sitting down to eat, try enjoying some pot to enhance your meal.

5. Live Music and Marijuana

If you’re about to go out to see some live music, be sure to roll a few joints for the road and the show. Always research the venue that you’re going to, and prepare for a pat down when you enter. Once you’re inside and the lights are down, get ready to enjoy yourself.

6. Take Mary Jane to the Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and couldn’t stop laughing? If you’re a fan of comedies, throw your favorite one on and take a few dabs. Everything’s funnier when you’re high, and the theater experience can be very pleasant when you’re on your high horse.

7. Study High

When it comes time to hit the books, you’re going to want to be focused and in the best possible mood. If you’re a seasoned smoker, chances are you perform better under the influence of cannabis, so try smoking before studying. When you’re done with your book work, treat yourself to a well earned extra fat bowl pack or dab.

8. And Then Take The Test High

Don’t let yourself fail a test because you were too stressed out to get past the first page. There’s a line that you shouldn’t cross if you want to be in an optimal mindset to take an exam. Method Man and Redman’s stoner comedy classic “How High” puts it best with the line, “Study high, take the test high, get high scores.”

9. After-Shift Smoke

Rough day at work? There’s no better cure for a horrible day slaving for a dollar than a healthy serving of cannabis. The cannabinoids found inside relieve stress and anxiety to help you truly take a load off. Before you leave for work, pack a piece so that you have one less thing to do at the end of your day. You’ll be sure to thank yourself later.

10. Light Up At A Cup

Have you ever attended a High Times Cannabis Cup? With all the vendors and cannabis enthusiasts in one place, this might be the most appropriate place ever to get stoned. Being a judge gives you access to samples of some of the best buds in the region, but even regular attendees are privy to free samples and dabs galore. These events are held throughout the year across the world, so find the closest one to you and grab tickets at CannabisCup.com.

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