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10 Dabbing Terms You Might Not Know—But Should!

Concentrates are relatively new, and with new trends, comes new terminology. If you’re out with friends dabbing, you don’t want to seem like the one left out of the loop, so here are 10 dabbing terms to familiarize yourself with:

1. Dewaxing

A process by which you use a mechanical method (like dry ice and a Büchner filter) to separate the plant fats and waxes.

2. Winterized

Using a secondary solvent to remove the waxes and fats; A common solvent that’s used is alcohol.

3. Carb Cap

A piece of glass, quartz, ceramic or titanium that is used to trap the air and activate non-vaporized oil when covered over the nail; Commonly used for quartz bangers and titanium and ceramic domeless nails.

4. Low Temp

Taking a dab at a low temperature to get the true representation of flavor and smoothness from your concentrates; If you’re going to go down the low route, be sure to use a carb cap.

5. Q-Tip Tech

Wiping the residual oil in the dish of your quartz nail with a Q-Tip right after taking a low-temp dab to keep it clean; Doing this will elongate the life of your bangers and quartz castles, while maintaining that desirable flavor for a longer period of time. The nail must still be hot in order for this process to be efficient, and the dab must be taken at a low enough temperature to leave oil behind.

6. Dab Rig

Another word for glass that you would use to vaporize concentrates out of; Although traditional bongs can be converted into dab rigs with just the use of a nail, there are also pieces specifically made to dab out of. Typically their features will be less about percolation and more about recycling the water or trying to get the vapor to your lungs as quickly as possible.

7. Dabber

A tool used to scoop up concentrates and apply them to a dab nail; Also known as as a dab tool, dab stick or dab wand, these instruments can be made of glass, titanium or ceramic. Sometimes they will have a carb cap attached on the other side to cut down on the number of pieces involved.

8. Solventless

Concentrates that are made without solvents, like dry sift, water hash and rosin; These options are made with pressure, screens, water and sometimes by being shaken. Products that are labeled solventless tend to be more expensive because of their potency,  ow yield and the amount of labor that is needed to be put in to make them.

9. Reclaim

Residual oil that builds on the walls of glass after vaporizing concentrates; The amber sappy goo is decarboxylated and while it has some medical benefit, it’s very harsh on the lungs. If you don’t have a reclaim catcher that collects it before it hits the water, you can use something like ethanol to collect and isolate it after purging out the liquid.

10. Ninja Dab

Surprising someone who is taking a dab by dropping even more wax on to the nail for the person.



  1. Avatar

    Mohammed Nabil

    July 27, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    i want smooke murijuana but i live in jordan

  2. Avatar

    Laylah Alexandra Maynard

    September 19, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Never heard of Ninja dabs. I’ve been dabbing for a few year’s now. Lol. Silly terminology.

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