10 First Date Ideas for Stoners

Booze hounds have it easy when it comes to dating—there’s a bar on every corner. But where do you take the hot stoner chick with the 420-friendly Tinder bio? Even if you live in a city that hasn’t legalized yet, there’s plenty of sexy ways to spend time together with your new friend with an enhanced mind.

Here are 10 of my favorite first date ideas for stoners.

1. Eat Some Pizza

You know the saying that sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still good? Well if you’re stoned, both the pizza and the sex are guaranteed to be terrific.

2. Visit An Animal Shelter

One of my favorite things about weed is that it makes me less of an asshole, and I finally understand the sensation often referred to as “happiness.” Throw in some dogs running around with their tongues all hanging out and cute kitties rubbing on my feet, and I’d bang the guy who took me there on the spot (if it wouldn’t freak out the animals).

3. Craft Night

If the date is with someone you wouldn’t feel creepy asking over to your place, have them over for a craft night. You can blaze then cut up colored paper and play with glue guns like a bunch of blissed out five-year-olds. That is, of course, until you take your newly made cardboard tiara to place it on your date and crown her your stoner sex goddess.

4. Star Gazing

Whether it’s a blanket in a field or a couple of deck chairs on a Brooklyn rooftop, roll some Northern Lights under the stars to mellow out and make out with your dreamy dream girl.

5. Yoga

Some cities are already offering 4:20 yoga classes, but all you need are two mats, a relaxing playlist and some uplifting Sour Diesel to downward dog on the first date.

6. Visit A Museum

I used to think the Metropolitan Museum of Art was for old, rich people and smelt like farts. That is until I went on a Museum Hack tour preceded by some CBD pills and Girl Scout Cookies (you know the kind I’m talking about) on a first date. “A museum tour for people who don’t like museums,” they showed us Mary Magdalene’s tooth hidden in some ancient vase (unless I hallucinated that).

7. Walk In Nature

As glorious as staying in and food delivery is, put on a pair of pants, roll a joint (or three) to keep in your pocket and take your date to a park or botanical garden. You can fall in love over the smell of roses and staring silently at a spider web for 10 minutes wondering how something so small could create something so beautiful.

8. See Some Music

Marijuana and music already have a better relationship than any of us will ever experience with another human, so let’s rip off that energy for your first date. For a more intimate night, catch a show at a DIY space or pop up gallery; Sofar Sounds is an awesome organization to find small concerts all over the world. You can probably even blaze with the musicians after—just don’t let them steal your date.

9. Painting

What’s better than getting stoned with your crush and painting giraffes? Throw in some nachos, and you’ve got the perfect afternoon. If this date goes as well as it should, a year later you can buy a Love is Art kit for your anniversary—a blank canvas to cover your floor and bottles of paint to cover your bodies as you get it on and make art while you make love.

10. Go To The Movies

Netflix and chill is an awesome routine to slide into once you’re in a relationship, but for the first date you want to at least pretend to be comfortable out of your pajamas and among the living. Watching Matt Damon try to escape from Mars will be infinitely more entertaining if you smoke Skywalker before the previews—or better yet, sneak in some cannabis gummies to snack on during the show.

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