10 Ganjarific Gifts for Going Green

Simply by association with our magical cannabis plant, stoners are usually pretty eco-minded folks. Being stoned adds a marvelous layer of mindfulness to the brain, which makes you less likely to act like an asshole to mother earth. With our planet’s vital signs continuing to climb in the wrong direction thanks to global warming, the holidays are a great time to go green, think green and of course, smoke green.

1. Raw Rolling Papers (price varies by product) with a Kush Kard ($8)

If you smoke weed, you know Raw. From a box of pre-rolled cones so your blazed bestie never has to go without, to King Size slim, these organic, chorine-free hemp rolling papers are processed in an eco-friendly manner. And, if you want to up your holiday game this year, give your loved one a pre-rolled joint stuffed with their favorite strain attached to a Kush Kard, the “Hallmark of Marijuana.”

2. HempCrete Air Planter ($30)

Along with creating clothing, treating diseases and just being super fun, the cannabis plant can even be used to make buildings, because duh, it’s a miracle plant. The carbon negative, durable, non-toxic Hempcrete is made from hemp hurds, lime and a touch of concrete. Usually only found in construction, this artist is using it to create some pretty rad pots. Who here has a friend with a green thump?

3. Marijuana Leaf iPhone Case ($25) 

Bamboo’s the best. I switched to bamboo sheets and am never going back. Technically a grass, bamboo produces 20 times more wood than hard wood trees can in a single harvest. Next time you hit up your honey love, skip basic plastic phone cases and proclaim the depths of your 420-friendly heart with this bamboo marijuana leaf iPhone case.

4. Eco-Friendly Pot Leaf Nug Bags (3 for $1.50)

Let’s be real. We all just really want money for weed or straight-up weed for Christmas. Made of eco-friendly kraft paper, these leaf-stamped baggies are the perfect sized gift bag to give your friends what they really want—a nug of White Widow.

5. Bamboo Cannabis Travel Mug ($32.77) 

More bamboo! Your daily coffee cup to wake you back up after a little too much Master Kush is going to destroy the world. Not only do paper cups require the gnarly business of cutting down trees, their interiors are often coated with low-density polyethylene, making them non-recyclable. Everyone should invest in a travel mug; this handmade cannabis plant one is the perfect gift for the caffeine addict with a heart of green.

6. Cannabis Print Cloth Menstrual Pad ($5) 

These are a bold holiday gift to share with your favorite eco-conscious stoner chick. Along with the pretty scary possible health risks of using disposable tampons, which can contain dioxins, a toxin that can cause reproductive problems, the 16,800 tampons a woman will wear in her life can put a toll on the Earth as well. These pretty, weed-leaf reusable cloths are sewn by two badass moms!

7. Organic Cotton Hemp Tote Bag ($33) 

I think if plastic bags and paper cups were to face off in an evil contest, like Trump in Trump vs. Voldemort, plastic bags would come out slightly on top. Only used for 12 minutes on average, plastic bags stay in our oceans (save the turtles!) and landfills for thousands of years. Perfect to fill up with your favorite munchies for a night in with your pet, these 18 x 18-inch tote bags are created with loving hands in Hawaii. Anyone else want to fill this bag with homemade nacho ingredients to pair with some Alohaberry?

8. Sustain Condoms Variety Gift Set ($28.99)

There’s no sex better than stoned sex. To prevent an itchy New Year’s Eve or a new born baby come late September, make safe stoned sex the best sex! Forget Trojan, fair-trade rubber Sustain condoms are free of toxic chemicals and come in recycled packaging.

9. Not A Dirty Hippie Wicked Ganja Hemp Soap ($6.50)

Hippies are awesome. They likely support Bernie Sanders, and they usually have taken enough psychedelics to appreciate the beauty of a spider web. Yet, hippies’ armpits have a less than stellar reputation. With these handmade, cruelty-free soaps (the natural ingredients sound so delicious I want to eat one), you can live like a hippie without smelling like one. They’re the perfect subtle stocking stuffer for your stinky man friend.

10. White Hemp Rustic Journal ($37)

Cannabis is the best creativity elixir there is. We all know that. What we don’t always know is the brilliant ideas we’ve come up with stoned because we slightly overdid the Green Crack. Never forget another shower thought with this journal made of hemp and recycled paper.

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