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10 Great Stoner Vines to Remember

Mary Jane Gibson



Say goodbye to Vine. The 6-second video service gave rise to millions of classic loops, but it outlived its usefulness once Snapchat and Instagram Stories rose up. In honor of all the dabbers and tokers who created fire Vine loops, we’ve chosen our 10 favorites from the Smoking Weed channel to pay tribute to the quirky vids, before Vine coughs out its last bong rip.

1. Dab Like a Boss

2. Potland Tree Blazer

3. Triple Turbine Recycler

4. Smoke Every Day

5. Trill B’s Trip

6. Brad Pitt on Between Two Ferns

7. Wake ‘n Bake Horse

8. Pulling Up With the Squad

9. Blaze It

10. When the Hotbox Real