10 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines for Stoners

A popular meme once stated, “The couple that smokes weed together, stays together.” Considering this sound logic, everyone better get out there and start hitting on stoners! Sure, pick-up lines are cheesy and ridiculous, but if the object of your affection is high enough, one of these might actually work!

1. For when you’re ready to leave the party

2. For when you want a subtle pun

3. For when you want an actual date

4. For when you want to take cheese to the next level

5. For when you want to be straight forward

6. For when you want to make conversation while asking for a light

7. For when you’re feeling extra punny

8. For when you want to be a poet

9. For when your mind can only handle the dumbest wordplay

10. For when you need a line that could actually work

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