10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Cannabis Couples

One of the great perks of dating a stoner is that they are generally easy to please. Add weed to your traditional dinner and a movie—and voila, your tired cliché date becomes a romantic cuddlefest or a hilarious night out. However, relying on this old standby for Valentine's Day will only make you seem trite and dull. You already have an awesome significant other, so show him or her that you care this year with one of these unique stony date ideas!

1. Build a Bonfire and Stargaze

Even if there's not a beach nearby, build a fire pit in your back yard. Light it up, and then get lit with your bae. Put away your iPhones—you have the stars and each other to gaze at tonight. And let's be real here, the stars will definitely end up taking a back seat to the sexy fire you've sparked. 

2. Wake and Bake and Breakfast in Bed

There's nothing better than breakfast in bed. And there's nothing better than weed. Start your sweetie's Valentine's Day off the right way with a packed bowl or rolled joint and whatever culinary masterpiece you decide to whip up (or order in). Don't be surprised if you end up staying between the sheets all day. 

3. Play Laser Tag

When was the last time you played laser tag? When was the last time you played laser tag high? No, it's not just for kids. Just trust us—if you like silly adventures and have a competitive streak, this is the unexpected date your valentine will love. 

4. Head to an Aquarium 

If you've never gotten baked and gone to an aquarium, then you're missing out. Grab some edibles, your significant others and then go make out in front of all the sharks, stingrays and fish your heart desires. Bonus points if you can take your sweetie to an "adult only, late night" that certain aquariums offer. 

5. Go to the Spa

Indulge in a spa day this Valentine's Day with your love. You both get to relax, be pampered and lay naked next to each other while someone else kneads away your stress. Steal away to an empty steam room or sauna with your bae and your vape pen before a couples massage. You'll definitely win some sort of prize for best valentine. 

6. Attend an Outdoor Concert

You might be thinking, "Hey—it's 19 degrees outside, I'm not going to an outdoor concert. This is a dumb idea." Well, yeah, it's a dumb idea if you live somewhere frigid, but if the weather is somewhat decent in your neck of the woods, then grab a pile of blankets, bundle up and go listen to music in the open air. Not only can you discreetly toke, but a chilly night will ensure all kinds of cuddling. Of course, we're not stopping you from taking your sweetie to an indoor show and just blazing up ahead of time in the parking lot. 

7. Get High, Get Naked, then Get Cooking

It's Valentine's Day, so either go hard or go home. There's nothing sexier than a boyfriend or girlfriend who can cook—except for a naked boyfriend or girlfriend who can cook. Strip down (throw on an apron or lingerie if you're frying anything!), smoke a bowl, put on some music and let your significant other watch as you whip up a delicious dinner. Or, have your S.O. take it all off with you and cook together, if that's more your style. 

8. Hit up the Planetarium

Space might be the final frontier, but the planetarium is the frontier made for stoners. Turn this Valentine's Day into a magical trip with only a dab or two and the price of admission. After exploring the galaxy, your sweetie will be itching to explore you. 

9. Have a Surprise Picnic in the Park

Marijuana goes great with most things, but the top two would most likely be food and nature. So why not combine all three with one of the most romantic dates around—a picnic in a park. Pack a basket full of your love's favorite munchies and strains. Then, spend the afternoon gazing into each other's eye or playing Frisbee or whatever else floats your boat. Just don't stare into each other's eyes while chucking Frisbee's at each other—that just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

10. Race Go-Karts

A date that gets your adrenaline pumping is almost always a good idea. This Valentine's Day, you and your significant other should sit back, relax and enjoy being a kid at heart. Remember how great go-karts were when you were 10? Well, they never stopped being great. Chances are you weren't smoking weed back then, and being high makes them even greater. So light up and strap in. A little friendly competition has been known to lead a lot of couples straight back to the bedroom. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Cannabis Couples

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