10 Ways Weed Makes a Rainy Day Better

In Bob Dylan’s classic hit “Rainy Day Women,” there is a line that suggests “Everybody Must Get Stoned,” yet although the folk crooner admits the song was not intended to reference marijuana, its overtones have given artisans, hippies and poets of the pothead populous an anthem for the ages. So, in the spirit of rainy days and getting stoned, we have compiled a list of ways having a fat stash of weed can make a wet and desolate day just a little brighter.

Makes It More Acceptable to Stay in Bed All Day

For most people, it is not a tough decision to just hang out in bed all day upon waking up to grey skies and the soggy sounds of rain drops against the bedroom window. However, for those with a little weed stashed in the top drawer of the nightstand, the gloom and doom of wet weather can be made right in hurry by simply catching a morning buzz and making the decision to avoid putting on anything resembling pants until sometime after noon.

Your Rainy Day Music Sounds Better

Nothing sets the tone of a rainy day quite like putting on the appropriate music to enjoy over your morning, or in this case, afternoon coffee. Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and a diverse collection of melancholy tunes from the 1940s can never miss, especially when those selected sounds follow a hefty bowl of your favorite reefer.

It Is Easier to Avoid Cleaning the House

Now, there will come a time when you are sitting around stoned, sipping coffee and enjoying the sonic salvation, that only a sad horn and an upright bass can deliver, when you will consider incorporating a series of chores into your rainy day repertoire. This, of course, should be avoided at all cost, as there is nothing more detrimental to the lifeblood of a buzz than scrubbing toilets and washing dishes. Instead, smoke more weed and rest easy within the filth in which you dwell — after all, it will still be there tomorrow.

Keeps You Focused on Those Creative Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

Spending a rainy day stoned to the bone is the perfect catalyst for getting started on that creative project you have been procrastinating. Smoking pot and setting out on a quest to pen the next great American novel, or rock anthem is the path a lot of great art travels to find its way into the world, not to mention it is an exceptionally pleasant contrast to the dark and dreary overcast that has unapologetically infiltrated your day.

It Is Easier to Commit to That Book You’ve Been Planning to Read

For those whose creative interests exist merely in the enjoyment of the work of others, you can always use a rainy day to get into that novel you have been waiting for an opportunity to read. But we know how difficult it can be for some, especially that fast-minded breed of Attention Deficit kids, to sit quietly long enough to absorb the words of a literary masterpiece. It is for this reason that we believe marijuana was put on the planet for the rainy day reader, as it allows even the most erratic mind to find some level of focus in tales told in black and white.

You Feel Less Guilty About Sitting Around Binge Watching Netflix

Sometimes a rainy day is good for nothing else but sitting around and watching Netflix for countless hours. It is less than desirable weather that undoubtedly provides a free pass for all those who have wanted to catch up on multiple seasons of their favorite shows, but feel guilty for spending too much time in front of the television. The good news is, there is no shame in finding comfort in the boob tube while it pisses and pours outside, and smoking a ton of pot before and during your home screening session should assist in alleviating any guilt you may have about wasting the day.

Drop-In Company Is Easier to Tolerate

While most sane people would prefer to stay indoors during an unexpected monsoon, there are always those people who venture out in bad weather, and no matter where their travels begin, they always end up unexpectedly at your front door. Not that surprise company on a rainy day can’t be a welcomed and pleasurable experience, but it is always seems to be the wrong crowd that shows up to throw water in the face of an already soggy situation. This is where the weed comes in: You see, if you are stoned, your uninvited guests become hours of entertainment, as marijuana makes it easier to transform their annoyances into a pair of clown shoes.

Those Conversations With Your Cat Are More Interesting

There are times when the only friend you have on a sloppy, wet weather day is your contemptuous feline friend and a fat sack of weed. Without getting weird, let’s just say that this combination has the capacity to uncover solutions for a bulk of the world’s problems and drive home the necessity to make some new friends before it rains again.

Makes It Less Pathetic to Just Sit by a Window and Plot to Take Over the World

Of course, an uneventful day of showers can offer a person the opportunity to reflect on his or her life and make plans for a prosperous future. Yet, the grey world of the unknown can get rather depressing without a little green to sharpen one’s perspective. It is for this reason that it is essential to keep a stash of weed set aside for a rainy day. Not only will a buzz help you pass some time, but it may also provide some insight that will help you take over the world as soon as the sun shines again.

You Order Pizza Rather than Stepping Into the Wet World

Just as the munchies have set it, weed on a rainy day can help a person find solace in the fact that pizza delivery will keep them from getting their socks wet in city streets, while on a seek-and-destroy mission for tacos.

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