11 Dank Gifts for the Fashionista Stoner Chick

Mary Jane is high-profile right now—and she is a glamour puss! The leafy lady has taken the fashion world by storm, and cannabis chic is IN. Here are 11 dank gift ideas for the fashionista stoner chick in your life, from blingy baubles to sinsemilla style to cannatastic home decor.

1. Trixy Starr
Trixy Starr’s fun, fabulous, 80’s-inspired, pop-art jewelry incorporates iridescences, gold, and feel-good colors “that bring along a sense of nostalgia.” Starr says that vaping with her Pax and Volcano frees her to “leave her brain,” access the “rainbow realm and goddess land”—and allows her jewelry to basically “design itself.”

2. Roll + Blot Papers
Roll + Blot papers can be used to dab away excess oil and shine—or you can use them as rolling papers! Made from cruelty-free, 100 percent unbleached hemp, Roll + Blot papers offer girls on the go a way to stay both shine-free and ready to roll.

3. Revolution Riche
revolution riche
If your love for getting high and contemplating the existence of aliens made a baby with your love for getting high and sending your friends internet memes, it would look like a Revolution Riche sweatshirt. Talk about a Thunderfuck.

4. Hemp Eyewear
Hemp Eyewear
Product designer Sam Whitten created a fully sustainable alternative to plastic frames. Every pair of shades is one-of-a-kind due to varying hemp plant fiber patterns. Springy hinges ensure a snug unisex fit, and polarized lenses offer full UV protection. Easy on the eyes—and on the earth.

5. HIGH TIMES Apparel
As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the nation, there is no better time to flaunt love for the leaf. Seizing upon this sinsemilla synergy, HIGH TIMES rolled out an apparel line that gives sartorial voice to the pro-marijuana movement. New York magazine heralded it as “possibly the most brilliant, timely collection to drop in ages.”

6. AnnaBís
The women behind AnnaBís designed these elegant accessories when they couldn’t find anything to suit their own chic style.  Crafted from fine leather with an intricate jacquard interior, these high-quality bags are right at home around high society. Each one is outfitted with a secret compartment and tiny little aroma-locking innovations to safely carry your stash. Annabís bags are for the woman who cares about every detail of her lifestyle, including her love of the herb.

7. Lady Leaf Earrings


As the walls come down against marijuana prohibition, people are opening their minds to the possibilities of the medicinal aspects of this plant.  A villain no more it, it is worn with pride! A portion of the sales of these earrings will be donated to Life For Pot, an organization defending non-violent offenders serving severe sentences for marijuana.  These earrings are composed of golden washed brass with metallic enamel, suspended from gold fill french ear wires.

8. My Bud Vase
My Bud Vase selects pieces from Murano and Blenko art glass, to hand-thrown clay vessels, to the funky glass of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, and turns them into smokeable art that easily blends into any home’s decor.

9. Mary Jane Runway
The beauty of the pot plant is captured in Mary Jane Runway’s vibrant original prints on flowing fabrics that drape beautifully on all shapes and sizes. Free-flowing kimonos, Swarovski crystal-adorned capelets, jaunty cocktail dresses, lounge-worthy leggings, cute crop tops and more make up the company’s debut collection.

10. Van der Pop
Van der Pop is a new Seattle-based cannabis lifestyle brand that throws in-home parties for high-conscious shoppers—think Tupperware meets 420. And you can shop online for their smartly packaged products, like the Triple Threat—a gift set containing a stash jar, grinder card and papers.

11. PAX 3
For any smart, chic, well-heeled stoner, the PAX 3 is the vape to have. Its smooth, inconspicuous design and intelligent nature make this dual-use vape a go-to for both flower and extract cannasseurs. Lip- and motion-sensing technology release vapor at the touch, and four temperature settings heat your hit just right for the perfect draw.

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