11 Dank Gifts for the Fashionista Stoner Chick

Don’t have a clue what to get the trendy stoner chick in your life this holiday season? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve found the perfect gifts for fashionistas who like to light up. Whether she’s a loud and proud pothead who likes to show off her love of Mary Jane or a more subtle stoner who prefers to skip the in-your-face marijuana motif, one of these items will definitely help you win the holidaze.

1. Aztec Crew Sweater – $19.99
Simple. Stoney. And guaranteed to keep you warm with a joint in your hand.

2. Sweet Leaf Stud Earrings – $880
These simple and sweet earrings are definitely pricey, but isn’t your stoner chick worth it?

3. Psychedelic Rainbow Boots – $64.97
You don’t need to wear a giant pot leaf when you have these wonderfully trippy boots.

4. Dank Boxy Crop Top – $36
We think this crop top says all we need to say.

5. Marijuana Hair Pins – $20
The antique brass finish make these the classiest accessory for any cannaseur.

6. PMW Fleece Varsity Jacket – $80
This jacket has the perfect pop of pot without shoving the sweet leaf in your face.

7. Space Grass Skater Dress – $65
The marijuana motif here is super subdued, but who doesn’t want to play “Where’s Waldo” with weed?

8. Real Marijuana Seeds & Stems Necklace – $20
Understated yet in your face, these pretty necklaces are not only the perfect way to share your love of ganja, they’re also pretty darn affordable.

9. PLURachu Hoodie – $87.50
This is for your stoner chick who just doesn’t give any fucks.

10. Tiny Cannabis Leaf Sterling Silver Ring – $25
If the earrings are out of your budget, then this is the piece of jewelry for you.

11. HLZBLZ Marijuana Muscle Tank – $18.20
For the stoner fashionista that wants you to know that she rolls the best joints.

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