11 Dope Gifts for the Dabber in Your Life

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Finding the right gift for a dabber can be tough, especially if you don’t dab yourself. When that certain someone already has a great rig, it can seem like a tough job to find something they don’t have but need.

From vaporizer pens to dabbers in the shape of pens, check out this list of gifts for the concentrate user in your life.

1. Puffco Plus – $99.99


After winning 10 awards between the 2016 HIGH TIMES Vape Pen Review and Cannabis Cups across the country, it’s clear that the Puffco Plus is a favorite amongst many people. If someone you know is looking for a way to consume cannabis concentrates with discretion and style simultaneously, go for the sleek new model from this Brooklyn based company.


2. No-Temp Carb Cap – $17.50


If low temp dabs are the only way, you need a carb cap to back up your commitment to the taste of terpenes. This carb cap will push the oil around in your banger nails so that everything can be vaporized to its maximum potential.


3. Glob Mops – starting at $10


Taking dabs at a low temperature often leaves a puddle of wasted oil behind that needs to be cleaned. Typically Q-Tips are used to absorb the remains, but cheap plastic and poor designs can miss some of the liquid that you’re trying to clean. Glob Mops use wood handles to increase durability, 100 percent cotton to prevent any burning of plastic and a pointy design to tackle the hard to get edge of the banger.


4. Sherbet Pencil – $120


Now that you’ve got your low temp carb cap, you need something to use when dropping the dab onto the nail. Sherbet is a glass blower who has become known for his glass pencils that are often used as dabbers.


5. Nail Crown – $25.00


Anyone who has had to end a dab session quickly knows that trying to handle a hot nail can be dangerous. If the dabber in your life is looking for somewhere to store his dab tools and nail, check out the Nail Crown from Cruz Culture.


6. Stackable Dab Container – $4.99



Know someone who loves legos and dabbing? Their oil will be safe in these non-stick silicone cubes that stack on top of each other. If they have a favorite color, you’re in luck because Pier420 carries three different color combinations.


7. Dabado Bolt – $99.99


By using an electric nail design alongside a non-spill glass attachment to vaporize hash oil at a low temperature, the Dabado Bolt is the future of mobile dabbing. For a cheap $99, the dabber in your life can have an all-in-one setup.


8. Blazer Bigshot GT8000 – $89.95


This portable, anti-flare butane refillable torch puts the competition to shame with its sturdiness, precision and style. After owning one for two years, it’s clear that there’s no other reason to support another brand.


9. Silicone Dabbing Station – $27.95


One of the downsides to dabbing is that it can become very dirty and sticky without the proper equipment. To help your dabber avoid getting their hands stuck together, have them try this silicone dab station that comes in four colors and will house two containers, a carb cap and a dab tool all at once!


10. Honey Bird Nectar Collector – $99.99


Taking dabs has never been simpler with the Honey Bird from Nectar Collector. If you know anyone that likes the idea of dabbing, but hates the concept of having a bunch of different pieces involved, get them this tiny rig that uses a quartz tip to vaporize concentrates.


11. PukinBeagle Thermal P Quartz Banger – $170.00


The PukinBeagle Thermal P Quartz Banger is the hottest new nail on the market, partly because of its large size, and also because its design makes it virtually impossible to suck oil down the neck. If you know someone looking for an American-made nail that will handle the largest of globs, look no further than the Thermal P.

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