11 Ganja Gifts for Residents of States That Just Legalized

While election day may have been a day to weep for our past, present and future, we’re at least able to help forget about the next four years with some legal pot. Here’s some gifts to recognize our four new best friends and our four new acquaintances that will join the club soon.

1. California Marijuana Pattern Hoodie – $20.95


What’s not to love about California? They have the best weather and the coolest stage flag, host most of the Cannabis Cups AND now they have legal recreational weed? Here’s a sweatshirt to show your support in style.

2. Support Marijuana Maine T-Shirt – $12.99 (SOLD OUT)


It can be easy to forgot about Maine, relegated to the northeast corner of the Union

3. ‘Smoke Local’ Arkansas Pullover – $52.47


Southern states have a lot to love about legal marijuana—the vast amount of farmland means the South has a lot to gain through growing, and that process will finally begin with Arkansas’s approved medical marijuana measure. Show your support and smoke local!

4. Starting and Operating a Business in North Dakota 2016 – $9.99


There’s not a lot else to do in North Dakota other than get high and read, so why not take advantage of the budding market and get ahead of the competition?

5. I Love Cannabis Massachusetts Journal – $8.95


“Dear Diary: Today, Massachusetts legalized marijuana, which means New Yorkers will finally stop complaining about having to come to Boston.”

6. Vote Yes on Amendment #2 Florida T-Shirt – $19.95


With this shirt, it’s pretty obvious how Florida was able to pass a medical marijuana bill. Guess the way to get millennials to vote is to give them a hand turkey. (Yes, we’re high.)

7. Nevada Cannabis Tourism Infant Bodysuit – $14.95


Remember the ‘slippery slope’ all the marijuana opponents complained about? Yeah, we’re not sure what they meant either.

8. Marijuana Stock in Any State – Various


Legalization is coming soon, whether your grandmother wants it or not. Don’t be that guy or gal that says “If I’d invested in Apple 20 years ago I’d be rich”—invest now and reap the benefits later.

9. Marijuana Leaf Montana Mug – $15


Sip your THC-infused coffee in style and celebrate Montana’s medical marijuana program. With this mug in hand, your coworkers are sure to stop and ask, “Wait… What state is shaped like that?”

10. Legalize It Marijuana Herb Grinder – $9.99


Eight states made progress, but there’s still a lot more to go. While we celebrate our new states’ freedoms, let’s not forget the states still fighting draconian laws to just get a lil high.

11. RageOn Men’s George W. Kush Tank Top – $34.99


Sure, George didn’t do anything to push legalization forward (the opposite, if anything), but he still seems like the kind of guy you might want to sit down and have a joint with… Okay, maybe not, but this tank is just too cool to pass up.

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