11 Gifts for Students Stuck Smoking in Their Dorm Rooms

Most people discover weed in college, and we totally support the high-performing potheads throughout our universities. While we don’t necessarily condone smoking weed in your dorm room, sometimes that’s the only place you can, so we’re here with gifts to make that process easier.

1. Magic Flight Box – $129.99


A pipe and lighter can be a hassle and also smell terribly. Grabbing a portable vaporizer like one of our favorites, the Magic Flight Box, makes smoking on the go (AKA between classes) much easier.

2. Bob Marley Poster – $4.95


If you want to be the hall’s stereotypical stoner kid, a Bob Marley poster will let everyone know that you can ‘help them out.’ Be sure to take it down for parents’ weekend, though.

3. Spray 420 – $14.99


Even just having weed in the dorm can smell up the place—keep some Spray 420 around to mask it. Much better than Febreze or other air fresheners, we once called it “the single best instant odor solution we have ever tried.”

4. Weed Knowledge – Priceless


The biggest thing you need to know as a college smoker is how to not get ripped off. Learn what a gram and an eighth look like by sight, be able to spot the difference between mid-grade weed and kush, and especially make sure you have a dealer you can trust.

5. Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter – $11.25


Weed smells, and smoking in your dorm room is one of the easiest ways to get caught and potentially kicked out. If you absolutely must smoke in your room, grab one of these babies to mask the smell and delay your expulsion another day.

6. Ball Mason Jar – $6.49


It’s best to not keep weed in your dorm room, but when you have to, a mason jar is good for keeping the weed fresh and smell tight inside.

7. Haze Logo Sweater – $22.83


Hazing is bad (seriously, guys and gals going through rush—don’t endure hazing to join a fraternity or sorority), but being hazed is a pretty great thing. Bonus points if this is the only college you ever attended anyway.

8. Adventure Time Color Pencil Poster – $39.99


Adventure Time should already be your stoner show of choice, but this color pencil rendition of the show is just as captivating and would look great on your dorm wall.

9. The Lego Movie – $14.96


The Lego Movie is more mature of a movie than it has any right to be and should be a staple in any stoner’s collection. Seeing the water lego effects while very stoned is a truly amazing visual.

10. Clear Eyes Maximum Strength Redness Relief – $3.08


When you have to venture out of your room, you don’t need your eyes alerting the RAs that you’re on another planet. Always keep some eye drops handy for those surprise hallway encounters.

11. Pipe Pouch – $16.99


Don’t leave your pipe and lighter strewn out across your desk. A pouch is an inconspicuous way to store your goodies that will also help contain the burned ganja smell. Plus, for the ladies, it looks right at home with you makeup bags.

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