11 Great Ganja Gifts for Gamers

There’s a big crossover between stoners and gamers—weed can help draw you into the game, relax you during stressful multiplayer matches and even create a more ethereal experience. Check out our list of gifts for the gaming stoners in your life (or for yourself). Also be sure to read our list of the 22 Greatest Stoner Video Games of All Time.

1. Weed Designer Skin for PlayStation 4 Console and Controllers – $5.48


If the color of your PlayStation 4 isn’t fitting into your weed-themed aesthetic, wrap it in this console skin.

2. Stoner Fluxx – $15.17


Gamers love games; while that typically means video games—board and card games are just as popular. This stoner-themed card game is perfect for when you need a weed-equivalent drinking game.


3. The Jackbox Party Pack – $19.99


Jackbox Party Pack is the perfect game for when your crew is over and passing a bowl. Everyone plays via their smartphones, so 1) multiple controllers are not required and 2) the people that say “I don’t play video games” no longer have an excuse.


4. Classic Hands-Free Box Vaporizer – $174.99


We only have two hands (most of us, anyway) to game with, but sometimes you really want to hit a pipe in the middle of an online match. With this hands-free vaporizer, you no longer have to make the decision between getting high and getting the highest kill/death ratio.


5. Mario and Weed Cross Stitch Printable Needlework Pattern – $6.99


Sometimes you have to put the controller down, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave Mario behind too. This cross-stitch pattern gives your hands something else productive to do and is a good way to rope in your non-gamer friends.

6. Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Herb Grinder – $12


Grind your weed in style with Majora’s Mask watching over it. Don’t worry —there’s no three-day time limit here, though the ocarina that rewinds time would be useful…

7. Grand Theft Auto Inspired ‘Wasted’ Wall Art – $16


Influenced by the ‘Game Over’ screen from the Grand Theft Auto series, this wall decoration is great for the stoner gamers that want art that melds both of their hobbies.


8. Empire Glassworks’ Poke-Flute Chillum – $39.99


Snorlax constantly blocking your morning commute? Sadly, this probably isn’t the poke-flute you need, but if you’re seeing a Snorlax, you’ve probably already put this chillum to very good use.


9. Donkey Kong Padded Drawstring Bag – $13.50



Is that a 3DS in your pouch, or are you just happy to see me?


10. Legend of Zelda Dugout – $19.99


This solid wood dugout, emblazoned with the triforce, is perfect for gamers who need to smoke on the go—or for those who need to relax after being told, again, that the princess is in a different castle (I know, I know, different game).

11. Chameleon Glass Sub-Zero Glass Pipe – $41.50


This bowl, thankfully, will leave your spine intact.


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