11 Great Gifts for Joint Lovers

Glassware is not for everyone. Nicer bongs can be very expensive and require cleaning, and even pipes aren’t ideal for group situations. For the joint lover in your life (or, who are we kidding, for yourself), here’s some gifts that anyone will appreciate. 

1. Plastic Joint Rolling Machine – $4.90


It’s the little things that make life easier, and a rolling machine is one of them. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also indispensable if you find yourself hand rolling joints often.

2. Tri-Tip Wooden Joint Holder – $15.10


Sometimes, just one joint won’t do. When you’re trying to get on another planet, this holder allows you hit three joints at once.

3. KushKards – starting at $6.99


Christmas cards are a staple for this time of year, but for your closer friends, these KushKards provide a more personal approach with a spot for a pre-rolled joint. Happy holidaze!

4. Catnip Joints Cat Toy – $10


While it’s definitely not a good idea to share a real joint with your cat, these catnip joints are the perfect Christmas gift for your furry friend and filled with premium catnip.

5. The Doobie Tube Marijuana Joint Case – $28


Regardless of how well your joint is rolled, the fragile paper means that transportation can be a bit tricky. This joint case is not only a fashionable accessory, but also a great way to take your ganja on the go.

6. Large Wood Rolling Box – $39.99


For those that like to chill back at home with their joints, this all-in-one rolling box will help keep everything organized, reducing spillage and those who-has-the-lighter-you-had-it-last moments.

7. Phunky Feel Tip – $9.99 


Paper tips can be soggy and inconvenient for consistently rolling joints. One of these glass tips will make things much easier, allowing you to focus less on the process and more on the smoking.

8. Leaf & Joint Pattern Socks – $14


 We’ve all seen the popular weed leaf socks, but show off your special preference with these joint socks.

9. ‘Fresh Goods’ Wooden Rolling Tray – $25


This hand-painted rolling tray looks great as both a rolling tray and as a decoration piece.

10. 1970s ‘Let’s Make Things Perfectly Clear’ Nixon Poster – $44


No matter your political party, if you’re smoking weed, you have a little bit of hippie in you. Embrace it with this propaganda-style Nixon poster, while we fight the good fight from our couches.

11. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers, 24 Pack – $31.73


If you’re rolling a lot of joints, a little difference in papers can go a long way. This box of assorted flavored papers will help keep things fresh and tasty, as well as provide a crowd-pleasing variety.

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