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11 Luxurious Gifts for the Stoner Who Has Everything



Some people have it all, which makes holiday shopping for them a bitch. Assuming you can cough up the cash, these luxury items are the perfect presents for the stoners in your life who already have everything. 

1. Sweet Leaf Clutch – $2,000
Stoner fashionistas with expensive tastes can show off their love of weed and fine things in one swoop!

2. Super Closet LED Delux 3.0 – $3,040
For the friend who is unaware of the fact that money doesn't grow on trees—but does know that other types of happiness CAN be grown. 

3. Lucien Pellat Finet iPad Case – $660
Edgy and sleek, this iPad case will protect the precious tech gadgets that your ballin' stoner friend has probably accumulated. 

4. Handmade Bocote Wood Peace Pipe – $590
This piece of usable, smokable art is the exact type of gift bougie friends love to show off on their mantels. 

5. Pave Large Sweet Leaf Necklase – $2,375
Pot leaf bling for the jet-setting elite? No one would be upset to find this under the Christmas tree. 

6. 24K Gold-Plated Grinder with Ashtray and Paper Dispenser Built In – $1,495
Sure, your friend probably already has the best grinder, ashtray and maybe even gold-leaf rolling papers… but they probably don't have all of these things rolled into one, 24K gold-plated object. 

7. Cheech and Chong Original Artwork in Resin – $300
Original artwork is great. Stoner artwork is even better. Original stoner artwork made out of resin might just be the best. Plus, at $300, it's one of the more affordable (lol) gifts on this list.

8. Jupiter 10 4: 4G LTE Cellular Vaping Phone – $499
For the stoner who needs to talk, text and vape—all on one device. 

9. Volcano Digit with Easy Valve Starter Set – $599
It's safe to assume that the stoner with everything probably already has a high-quality, expensive vaporizer. But, if your friend doesn't have a Volcano, then stop what you're doing and buy one for them immediately.

10. Hermès Rectangular Ashtray – $800
Swank. As. Fuck. This ashtray is legitimately the Rolls-Royce of ashtrays, or the Birkin of bags. We're not sure that it does anything special, but, boy, does it look pretty and expensive.

11. RooR Collector's Line Limited Edition Cypress Hill Collab – $2,388
Gorgeous glass can run you a pretty penny, and there's hundreds of incredible custom options out there. For your friend who has it all, we'd say make sure to go for something limited edition, at least for the bragging rights.