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11 Stoner Stocking Stuffers



Looking to fill the stocking of your favorite stoner this holiday season? Well, look no further. We've curated the perfect list of gadgets and gizmos that any pot lover would be thrilled to find on Christmas morning. 

1. Huf X High Times Crew Socks – $14
Did we just sneak a HIGH TIMES branded item on to this list? Kinda. But seriously, how cool are these socks?!? They're the easiest way to keep toes warm AND show off a love of cannabis. Need we say more? 

2. Highly Educated "Emergency" Keychain Dabber – $20
Never be caught without a dabber again. It's so brilliant, we can't believe we didn't think of it. 

3. Trixxie Weed Be Good Together Nail Decals – $8.40
For the stoner who always has perfectly manicured nails or pretty much anyone looking to step up their nail art game. 

4. Frosted Blue Glass Star Chillum – $13.99
Any small glass piece would make a great stoner stocking stuffer. We're just really digging the look of this frosted blue chillum. 

5. Big Bud Press Puff Pass Pin – $15
If you haven't joined the pin game, now's the time to start. Hats, jackets, bags. These little guys can go anywhere and are an affordable way to show your favorite stoner you care. 

6. Lit Cuff Beanie – $18
This simple beanie says it all. 

7. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers – $20
Looking for a small, yet fancy, gift this holiday season? These 24K Gold Rolling Papers are more than just a novelty gift—they're made with edible gold and a hemp blend for a super smooth burn. 

8. Glitzy Glitter Tattoo Set – $8
These tattoos are the perfect fun gift for those who dabble with the hippie lifestyle but aren't exactly ready to commit with permanent ink! 

9. Blue Q Coin Purse – $6.11
If you aren't giving your stoner buddy weed or money for weed this holiday season, then give them the next best thing—a pouch for them to save up their own pot money stash. It's trendy and responsible. 

10. V Syndicate Classic V Grinder Card – $6.80
These slim grinder cards are sleek and easy to stash in your wallet because you never know when you're gonna need a grinder in a pinch.

11. 3-Pack O-Puff 95% Recreational Oxygen – $34.99
Inhaling O-Puff is supposed to help create a better cannabis experience by topping off energy levels while increasing focus and mental clarity. Even if you're skeptical, these come in a three-pack, so you can save one for yourself to try!

(Cover Image Courtesy of Mass Appeal)