13 Best Visually Arresting Shows To Watch While High

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Stoned and looking for something to stimulate your eyeballs? We’ve got a wide variety of visually arresting shows for you—spanning all varieties of the definition, from the animation, to the imagery, to the cinematography.

So sit back, grab your remote and a pipe and start binging.

1. Hannibal

Hannibal’s dark and gory subject matter may not be for all tastes, but it’s safe to say gore has never looked this pretty, thanks to executive producer Bryan Fuller. Special props to scenes of Hannibal cooking delicious looking meals with human body parts—who knew cannibalism could look so tasty?

All three seasons of Hannibal are streaming on Amazon.

2. The Amazing World of Gumball

This is one of those shows that has to be seen to be believed. Every character is done in a different animation style, and the mix of color paper cutouts with real-world backgrounds can be incredible to watch. This is also one of those shows that, while made for kids, definitely isn’t for kids.

Four seasons of The Amazing World of Gumball are streaming on Hulu.

3. American Gods

Only a few episodes in at the time of this writing, American Gods offers another extremely beautiful take on violence—this time, again, from Bryan Fuller. The imagery and colors pop off the screen, making the startling bloodshed all the more mesmerizing.

The first season of American Gods is airing weekly on Starz.

4. Legion

The journey of is-he-crazy-or-not David Haller is a beautiful journey, deftly mixing ’70s aesthetics with modern life to create an entire world that is unreliable. David’s powers kicking in are awesome, but just the general look of the show lands it a spot on our list.

The first season of Legion is streaming on FXNOW.

5. Home Movies


The gritty, sodden lifestyle that Home Movies’ animation portrays is perfect for the crossfaded, I-was-really-drunk-and-definitely-shouldn’t-have-hit-that-bong high. The show may not have aged the best, but as one of its co-creators went on to do Bob’s Burgers, it definitely deserves a chance—even if you’re sober.

All four seasons of Home Movies are available on Hulu.

6. Off the Air

The pitch meeting for Off the Air at Adult Swim must have gone something like: “We need to make a show that only people on acid can understand.” Each episode is an incredible mix of videos, all chosen around a theme, that blend together into 10-minute episodes of non-stop eyeball candy. Watch this while high, but definitely watch this while tripping.

Tons of episodes of Off the Air are streaming on YouTube.

7. Utopia

Probably the darkest show on this list, Utopia lasted two seasons as a British series that features most of what American television is missing. Brightly oversaturated colors permeate every scene, even when unspeakably dark acts are being committed. David Fincher was attached to adapt the show for HBO, but sadly it never came to be.

Both seasons of Utopia are available for purchase on Amazon.

8. Les Revenants

The first thing you’ll notice about this show—and what will keep you glued to the screen—are the long, extended shots that only the French can do. Extended close-ups of characters’ faces, plus the incredible actors, show emotions even words couldn’t. Truly one of the most beautiful shows you can currently binge on Netflix.

Both seasons of Les Revenants are streaming on Netflix.

9. Pushing Daisies

Noticing a trend with Bryan Fuller shows? Pushing Daisies has one of the most whimsical tones you’ll find in a television show, and the colors and set design are a treat. Sadly, the show ended up being one of the many causalities of the Writers Guild Strike, leaving us with only two seasons of this treasure.

Both seasons of Pushing Daisies are streaming on CW Seed.

10. Mr. Robot

If you have an eye for cinematography, Mr. Robot is a great choice. The shows use of huge amounts of empty space, often placing characters in corners or making them as small a subject as possible. It helps create a claustrophobic and lonely feeling, which may not be the best feeling to have while high, but it’s damn nice to look at.

Season one of Mr. Robot is streaming on Amazon Prime.

11. Legend of Korra


While the entire show is beautiful and worth the watch, the fight sequences of this show are incredible. In the latter seasons particularly, battles are mesmerizing displays of elements, perfect for a late night smoke sesh.

All four seasons of The Legend of Korra are streaming on Amazon Prime.

12. Riverdale

I know, I know—why is a CW teen drama on this list? Trust me here: Riverdale is unlike any teen drama you’ve seen. Based on the Archie comic characters, the show can be impossible to look away from thanks to the incredible atmosphere and color direction (seriously, that hair is super red). Just give it a shot—to paraphrase Cheryl Blossom, this show is bananas.

Season one of Riverdale is streaming on Netflix.

13. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is a show that relies more on visuals than dialogue, meaning it’s a true tour de force to watch. The MA-rated final season revival has been a great return to form, so give your blunt a toke and your eyeballs a treat.

Seasons one through four of Samurai Jack are streaming on Hulu.

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  1. Well not necessarily visually arresting (aside from the intro) the movie “Enter the Void” is pretty cool.

    For those that don’t know it follows an American drug dealer & his prostitute sister, whom are both living in Japan. One of the interesting things that I liked about this movie was that the entire movie was shot in first person.

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