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13 Cool Candies To Enhance Any Stoner’s Halloween



NO, we’re not talking tasty, THC-laden edibles… But these candies will certainly one-up the predictable plastic-pumpkin-filler, like Sweet Tarts, Hot Tamales, Kit-Kats, and Dum Dum lollipops.
If you want your Halloween to be a little more interesting and perhaps even a little more sweet, check out these awesome and mostly creepy candies you can order now to enjoy by the time the holiday hits next Friday.
If you’re feeling generous, maybe you’ll even order extra for the trick-or-treaters.

Bacon Candy

Blood Mouth Candy

Smelly Feet Treats 

Creepy Pumpkin Gumballs 

Zombie Mints 

Mustache Lollipops

Seven Deadly Sins Gum


Fish Head Lollipops

Ghost Pepper Candy

Snake Lollipops

Vampire-Repelling Garlic Mints 

Gummy Bacon

(Photos c/o Gadgets & Gear)