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13 Times When You Needed A Smoke Buddy



Have you ever wondered why the best stoner movies involve two stoners?  The answer is simple – two stoners are better than one.

The best “high” moments are often shared when you have a buddy on hand. Although having the perfect smoking buddy seems hard to find, it is well worth it. Check out this wonderful list from our friends at

1. Road trips like these

2. Could possible turn into adventures like these

3. They will boost your self-esteem

4. They will possibly buy you some food

5. They will never judge you 

6. Or leave your side

7. They will understand your nonsense

8. And will have your best interest at heart

9. Oh! Moments like these

10. Will somehow turn into these

11. But eventually a bond will begin to form

12. Which will make you feel invincible

13. Because you will finally realize that together, anything is possible

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