14 of the Best Homemade Bongs Ever Created

You may already know how to make a homemade bong. But how creative have you allowed yourself to be with it?

Interested In Learning How To Make A Homemade Bong?

A serious need, a dash of ingenuity and a sprinkle of creativity can produce some seriously cool things. Forget about the iPhone or virtual reality or indoor plumbing, we’re more concerned with how to get baked when the need arises. Once you learn the basics of how to make a homemade bong, you might want to spread your wings and flex your creativity. Others certainly have! Don’t believe us? Anthony Franciosi, founder of The Honest Marijuana Company, found 14 of the best homemade bongs (in no particular order). Check them out!

Fruit Has Never Been More Fun
Source: TheChillBud.com

In a pinch, all you really need is an apple to make a pretty useful bong. Of course, you’re going to have to hollow out the fruit first to provide a path for the smoke to travel. But once you conquer this engineering hurdle, you’ve got a fun and festive (not to mention disposable) bong that can be the life of the party. Add some other fruits like pineapple and watermelon, and you’ve got a truly unique bong that everyone will appreciate.

Winter Bongs Are Everywhere
Source: Pinterest.com

Even trapped in the wilderness on a snowy night with nothing but the clothes on their backs, a bag of ganja, a lighter and a camera (how else would they take the picture?), these intrepid potheads found a way to get baked. The cleverness of this bong is two-fold:

  1. The water is built into the bong.
  2. Like the fruit bong above, the snow bong can be easily disposed of when you’re through (if you can peel yourself off the ground, that is).

I doubt the sculptors were thinking about that when they put this thing together—they just wanted to get high—but the use of natural material and finding a way to make it work is truly inspired. If you’re wondering how they hollowed it out, just watch this short video.

Best Homemade Bongs Growing In The Wild
Source: Grasscity.com

There’s nothing better than making due with what you’ve got on hand. And if you’re fortunate enough to live in a place where bamboo grows wild, you’ve literally got thousands of bongs just waiting to be harvested.

All you need is a saw, a drill (hell, you could probably do it all with a pocket knife in a pinch), a bowl and a stem, and you’ve got yourself a truly righteous, 100 percent natural bong that gets the job done and looks good doing it (just like me).

Check out this video for more information and instructions for making a bamboo bong.

Lego Bong
Source: Rebrn.com

Plastic building blocks (we can’t use the trade name of these bricks, but you’ll recognize them from the picture) can be used to make pretty much anything. It was inevitable, then, that some cannabis enthusiast would come up with a way to combine weed and everyone’s favorite toy into a really cool bong. What’s that saying about giving a monkey enough time and it will type Shakespeare? I think this applies.

Seriously though, some of the features the builder thought to include are pretty interesting:  windows on the back so you can see inside and a hole toward the bottom of the stack that acts as a carburetor. The only problem we see is that the bowl is fairly close to the stack and we wonder how we’re going to get our big fat face in there.

Get Zapped
Source: Notabearbongs.blogspot.com

Those of us of a certain age remember this video game blaster (and the giggling dog that went with it) with a fondness and nostalgia that exceeds most other things. So learning that we can make a bong from this video game controller, makes our lives complete.

It’s really quite simple and all the instructions can be found here. Now you can relive your childhood memories and make some new ones all at the same time. That’s pretty nifty, don’t ya think?

Bong To Travel
Source: Reddit.com

Like MacGyver of yore who could make a bomb out of some tin foil and a stick of gum, this motivated smoker made a unique bong out of a breath-mint container and what looks to be a piece of coaxial cable (it’s not).

What’s cool about this tiny bong is that it can be disassembled, packed and carried wherever without raising any eyebrows. It just looks like a random assortment of odd objects, not the pieces of a brilliant marijuana delivery system.

As with all plastics and some metals, remember that when they burn, they can give off some harmful vapors. Make sure that the plastic doesn’t melt and the metal isn’t toxic when heated.

Chewy Candy Bong
Source: Thechillbud.com

Though it’s more pipe than bong, we had to include this candy bong for sheer inventiveness. Just poke the appropriate holes in a number of chewy candies, load the bowl and light away. As you’d probably expect, the smoke from this little doodad is a burst of fruit flavors and can make for a memorable toking experience.

Just be aware that repeated heat applied to these gummy squares is eventually going to result in one crazy mess. So smoke fast and dispose of properly so it doesn’t get caught in the carpet or someone’s hair. Peanut butter might help with gum (and be great for the munchies), but something as sticky as these candies are going to take something much stronger than peanuts and oil to clean up.

Mannequin Bong
Source: Grasscity.com

For uniqueness, this bong takes the prize. It’s so cool it could be a piece of art. The mouthpiece is (you guessed it) the mannequin’s mouth so it looks like you’re making out when you’re actually inhaling smoke. Seems to us that this would be ideal for a teenage boy who likes to smoke weed and practice kissing at the same time. You don’t need a mirror anymore, big guy.

There aren’t any instructions for this particular model so you’ll have to figure it out yourself. But honestly, coming up with new and innovative ways to get the smoke from bowl to lungs is half the fun of the MJ experience.

Some may wonder about the plastics giving off harmful vapors, but the builder assures us that the smoke has cooled by the time it hits plastic parts.

Two Birds, One Bong
Source: Buzzfeed.com

Relax. No birds were harmed in the making of this bong. The subheading is actually a reference to the old saying, “We can kill two birds with one stone.” (Again, no feathered friends were injured.) One bird is the munchies and the other bird is smoking weed.

Just polish off a can of these tasty potato crisps, punch a hole in the side of the canister and you’re ready to rock. We’ve never tried this particular model of bong, so we can’t attest to the flavor it creates, but we imagine that pretty much everything would be improved by the addition of a little salt and vinegar flavoring.

Honey Bear Bong
Source: Weedist.com

No list would be complete without some form of the homemade honey bear bong. Astute movie watchers will remember Brad Pitt’s character Floyd taking hits from a similar contraption in the 1993 movie True Romance. The honey bear makes for a quick and easy fix when you’re bong-less and need to smoke a bit of ganja to make the day go well.  The small opening at the top (or even the pour spout) makes for easy inhalation, and the plastic body is easy to puncture for whatever size stem you have. Plus, the residual honey flavor inside makes a nice addition to even the most potent strain of weed.

A Helmet To Get High With
Source: Marijuana.com

Getting high hits new heights when you smoke your marijuana through an aviator’s flight mask. Add in the helmet and you’re in for one heck of a good time. Just cut the end off the hose and insert some brass piping and a bowl to make a place to light your stash.

While this particular bong looks badass in a very Top Gun-ish way, users attest to the fact that, “It really accomplishes nothing except making your eyes extra red from irritation and doubling how much you reek of weed. You don’t get extra high from it, and it’s not too good for you to keep re-breathing your exhaled smoke.” Check this one off your bucket list, and then go back to something a little less dramatic.

Gas Mask Bong
Source: Thctalk.com

This one makes for a great party experience and, like the flight mask bong above, is certainly worth doing at least once—just to say you have. Few people have a gas mask lying around, so building this bong may take a fair amount of searching and a bit of work. That said, the effort would certainly be worth it just for the pictures you could take. You probably wouldn’t want to make this your regular rig, but breaking it out now and again to impress your friends is well worth the space it takes to store.

Baked Potato Gas A Whole New Meaning
Source: Wearebaked.com

This homemade bong is pretty creative in a novelty sort of way and would certainly get the job done if no other options were available. You’d need to seal the holes with superglue so the smoke and water don’t leak out but, after that, the potato shape makes for a nice container. If you’re absconding with the potato head from a child’s toy box, just make sure you replace it with something equally as cool ,or karma will surely come back around and slap you in the face.

Super Smoker
Source: Reddit.com

Yeah, it’s an obvious pun, but the use of this “found” object makes it a fine addition to our list of homemade bongs. We haven’t seen one of these in action, but it seems like it would make even the slowest evening something to remember. The shape of the super smoker is even somewhat bong shaped, so you don’t have to do a lot of modification to get it to work. Just pack a bowl, light up and soak on.

Hopefully, some of these awesome bongs have given you the inspiration to help you make your own bong!

  1. I really appreciate the fact that this articles author was considerate enough to include a warning about plastics and some metals. And not just the obvious problem of melting, but simply heat can cause toxic release.

    And heat, heat with no obvious signs of damage, melting, is where the danger can come in and affect a person years later. These bongs are creative and whatnot, but some of these plastic ones I would never want to chance. Ever. Heat can affect some things even if they do not seem like they are hot. It is just not worth it.

    Go glass!! Glass bongs and pipes are the best (IMHO). Or go natural somehow (the snow bong is cool, but the bamboo one is more practical). And always pay attention to what the bowl and stem are made out of. There is some real garbage out there.

  2. A serious need, a dash of ingenuity, and a sprinkle of creativity can produce some seriously cool things. Forget about the iPhone or virtual reality or indoor plumbing, we’re more concerned with   how to get baked   when the need arises. Indeed, jonesing for some weed can be a powerful motivator. Don’t believe us? Check out 14 of the best homemade bongs (in no particular order).

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