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15 Summer Essentials Every Stoner Needs

Sativa Von Teese



Summer is basically here, and—even though we never need an excuse to light up—the hot sun, the green grass (pun intended!) and the laid-back atmosphere have us itching to hit up every beach, park and music festival with bong in tow.

To celebrate here are 15 summer must-haves for every stoner ready to celebrate this beautiful season!

1. Sunglasses

Sure, they're an obvious first choice, but when your eyes are already squinty and bloodshot—plus the sun is beaming directly in your face—you'll be super stoked to have them. 

2. Sunscreen

Just because your baked doesn't mean your skin should fry, too. 

3. Eye Drops

The sun can be rough on your eyes. So can pot. Need we say more? Keep a couple of bottles handy at all times, and your friends will love you no matter where your summer adventures lead. 

4. One-Hitter

Being outside often means needing to stay inconspicuous with your weed. Make sure to have a sneaky one-hitter around to thwart suspicious glances from any disapproving on-lookers.

5. Vape Pen

If it's good enough to take on the red carpet, it's good enough for any summer activity—music festival, beach barbecue, family reunion or wherever the tide may take you.

6. Hair Ties

If you have long hair, don't overlook this necessity. An unexpected summer breeze along with open flames can quickly bring disaster. Sure, rocking an up-do will keep you cool, but—more importantly— it will protect your hair from any lighter mishaps.

7. Portable Speakers

They don't have to be as spectacular as the weedy speaker pictured above. Just make sure you have a solid way to rock out to your tunes on the beach, in a park, on your roof, etc.

8. Chapstick

The sun is going to dehydrate you, especially your lips. And if you've been giving them a work out (we're talking puff, puff, pass—get your mind out of the gutter!), they'll be extra thirsty for some moisture. 

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated. Use it as a sealable, air-tight container. We're not telling you what to do with it—just have one!

10. Beach Towel

Any stoner to be reckoned with must really know where his or her towel is. 

11. Backpack or Tote

You're going to need something in which to carry all of this great ganja gear around. A weedy motif is optional, but right now, we're really digging this pot leaf backpack vibe. 

12. Gum

Gum keeps your mouth moist for rolling joints, your breath fresh after lots of smoking and your friends entertained with bubble blowing contests. It's a win-win.

13. Tank Tops

So. Many. Cool. Options. You know, to look cool while keeping cool. 

14. Lots of Lighters

With all the adventuring from one place to the next, you don't ever want to be caught without a light. Keep plenty of lighters handy so you're never in a pickle. 

15. Weed, Duh. 

Did I really even have to list this?

Go forth and light up ye fellow stoners—we only have a few months left to enjoy these magical summer highs!